Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your time here. What am I saying!? Of course you will enjoy it. For I am witty, interesting, sexy, brilliant and strangely irresistible. Many of those things only in my own mind, but then, what is a mind for if not to flatter one’s self?
In this blog I will be exploring many things that are of great interest to me. These things may occasionally only be of marginal interest to you, but then again, that’s not my problem. Why? My blog! Some things I will be chatting about are: My wine. My thoughts on film, books, music, politics and the boobs that run our country (and boobs in general…;-), religion and my obsession with miniaturizing animals that are not already miniaturized (whales, elephants, moose, giraffes and great white sharks, especially). Feel free to comment but be forewarned…I do not suffer fools lightly nor do I allow dull or reactionary people to get away with absurd or annoying statements. Remember, this is MY blog and if I want to call you a cretinous waste of space or a nincompoop because you tried to argue that John Ashcroft isn’t one of the 2 or 3 most dangerous men on the planet you can damn well bet I will.
Also, my spelling sucks so if your only comment is that I misspelled “pointless,” “irritating” or “waste of time,” please Leave it Out!
That said, come on in and enjoy!

"What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?" – Londo Mollari

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