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I Feel Like A Giddy Schoolgirl!

t1.2315.eln.gi.jpgIt’s all coming down to Virginia, folks! Missou is going to the Dems and Montana is likely going that way, too. As of 1:03 PT, Democrat Jon Tester was leading by 1% points and about 3,300 votes, but the pundits are projecting Tester as the winner. That said, there are hand recounts going on and you know how that can go!
In Virginia, it’s looking like Democrat Jim Webb has defeated Republican bigot moron candidate George Allen, and pundits are saying that the total might be too much to overcome in a recount.
Either way, this is a monumental night and a potential whitewash. I couldn’t be happier.
Here are the links to check out, from CNN:

The Balance of Power

The Senate
The House of Representative

Election Night Update: Virginia Tighter Than A Nun’s….

The House landslide I predicted seems to be shaping up quite well, with early number in Indiana showing a few Democratic pickups. Brad Ellsworth has beaten John Hostettler in the Indiana 8th.
Also, Katherine “Nuttier than a nutty nut bar in a nut facotry on extra nut day” Harris has gone down in flames. No surprise there.
The Virginia numbers as of 5:19pm Pacific time are: 42% reporting, 50% Allen-48% Webb.
It’s gonna be a LOOOOOOONG night, friends!

Election Night 2006 Intro

Well it’s election day and I’ll be here blogging away as the returns come in. I refrained from making detailed predictions this year, since 2004’s guesses were so poor, but here are a few things I am willing to take a stab at:
1) The Dems will take back the House and in a larger than expected majority. They’ll win at least 25 seats, maybe as many as 35.
2) George Allen will lose his Virginia Senate seat to Jim Webb.
3) Harold Ford will lose in Tennessee and as a result, the Dems will not retake the Senate. However, wins in Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, Montana and Minnesota will guarantee at worst, a 51-49 GOP majority.
4) Katherine “Fucking Loony” Harris will get her lily white cracker ass kicked up the Gulf Coast and down the Atlantic in Florida.
Stay tuned!