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Holy Crap! MoMA & Thurston Moore Presents Bowie Music Vid Program

On December 1st, 2008 Guess where I’ll be? I’ll give you a hint:
Bowie in Dublin, 2003
No, don’t be silly. Not at a Bowie show. (I wish. The man’s been virtually hidden for 5 years!) But instead at New York’s Museum of Modern Art for the Thurston Moore-hosted program of Bowie videos as part of MoMA’s Looking At Music exhibition. While I am excited to check out the exhibition and the other artists involved (Devo, The Beatles and John Cage among them) it’s really Bowie that has me chuffed. The videos were co-organized by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Media, MoMA.
The complete list of the program after the jump, along with some videos I’d have programmed, if I were the curator….

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Of Montreal: Best Live Band Ever?

It’s quite possible that Of Montreal is the best live band in the history of live music. Yes, I am fully aware of how hyperbolic that is. Sue me.
I’m also aware that this clip isn’t live. It’s on account that the band is so amazing live that no human can accurately capture the genius on any current recording medium.* Perhaps sometime in the future there will be a way…. Pray that there is.

*Or it could just be that most live clips of them have lousy audio…..
Ok, I lied. This one’s pretty damn cool: