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Gumby Gets Down At The Apple Store, SoHo

Last Thursday marked the annual Apple Filmmaker Party at the Apple store, SoHo and it featured special guest DJ Jazzy Jeff and, erm, Gumby?

It was attended by many TFF filmmakers as well as much of the NYC indie crowd, including the following four reprobates:


L to R: NewFest director Basil Tsiokos, producer Jessica Wolfson, A&E’s Ryan Harrington and indieWIRE’s Brian Brooks.
Oh, and a glass exploded in my hand.

Tribeca Raises Prices or: “Would You Like Foie Gras On Your Popcorn, Sir?”

Film writers, much like groups in any other profession, rarely agree on things. For example to some folks, Marie Antoinette is actually a good film. Recently one issue seems to have united scribes in a way I haven’t seen since the Bahamas International Film Festival debacle of aught five. The recent decision by the Tribeca Film Festival to raise their ticket prices 50% from $12 to a whopping $18 is, as David Poland writes, an absolute “jaw dropper” that begs the question: Who do they think they are?
For a festival that is produced by a not-for-profit entity and professes to have been “conceived to foster the economic and cultural revitalization of Lower Manhattan through an annual celebration of film, music and culture,” and whose mission is “to promote New York City as a major filmmaking center and allow its filmmakers to reach the broadest possible audience,” this move is at best, shortsighted and at worst it redefines the word “hubris.” Do they really think they deserve to charge as much as or more than any other festival in the world?

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Tribeca Kicks Into Gear-NY, NY Filmmakers Party

I am still getting used to my body’s strange and sudden inability to recover after even a modest night of revelry, which makes it very hard for me to cover both the films in a festival as well as the fun and frolicking that often follows the screenings. Pictures of and conversations with filmmakers who have just shown their debut short film before a live audience for the first time and reports from liquored-up festival goers on the amazing (or atrocious) films they’ve seen that day are some of the key experiences of a festival but I am finding it hard to cram it all in. I steadfastly refuse to believe that this is simply a side effect of getting older combined with all my past paeans to the god Bacchus, but I suppose it’s possible.
Either way, I am going to miss parties one night for the sake of films the next day and quite likely just as often forsake a day of films to better savor the night before. So please forgive me as I bounce between bouts of sobriety and periods of being completely crapulous, trying to find a balance.
So without further ado…. a party!
Pictured at the NY, NY Filmmakers party are Sloane Road ProductionsLisa M. Perry and Jessie Hutcheson (center and right) along with Lisa’s husband whose name I have shamefully forgotten! Lisa and Jesse’s film The Test is screening at Tribeca as part of Tropfest.

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Newport Parties In NYC

Last Thursday saw NYC club Stereo playing host to the Newport International Film Festival‘s annual Spring benefit party, attended by filmmakers and shakers, including longtime Newport fest supporter writer, director and producer Michael Corrente(American Buffalo, Outside Providence), Desperate Housewives’ Richard Burgi and LasalleHolland partner, Gill Holland.
Pictured below are Holland and filmmaker and actress Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, whose short film Spanish Boots is screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

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