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This Week in Duh.

From LAist:


After all this time and all that couch jumping, it turns out that Katie Holmes just wasn’t that in Scientology.

The religion has become an increasing source of friction for TOMKAT as their little Suri has grown up, sources connected with the couple told TMZ. That’s the main reason these sources say that Holmes wanted to divorce Cruise and get sole custody of their little girl.

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Will The Real Tom Cruise Please Stand Up

Tom Cruise is either a misguided soul, a sucker or an absolute fucking loony. I vote nuttier than a nutty nut bar in a nut factory on extra nut day. I say he fell out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. I say he’s gotten one too many beatings with the crazy stick.
In the year plus since his firing of Hollywood PR doyenne Pat Kingsley and the hiring of his sister as Kingsley’s replacement, it has become clear (sometimes painfully, sometimes laughingly) to people besides those who know what publicists really do for celebrities that Kingsley did far more than schedule his interviews and photo shoots.

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