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TIFF 07: No Sex In The Champagne Room… And No Champagne, Either

There wasn’t much in the way of sex in the offing at the party for ThinkFilm’s TIFF entry Young People Fucking at Toronto’s Club Wicked and once again I was reminded that I had missed the REAL fucking party two years ago. True, there were scantily clad women covered in cellophane and sushi, a couple of bored-looking pole dancers and a few of the club’s regulars walking around, but it was hardly a particularly erotic party and no one I know got even slightly moist. More’s the pity, because upstairs at Shlomo’s Penthouse, there was definitely the equipment for enjoying one’s self, including swings and cuffs, as demonstrated by the Sarasota Film Festival’s director of programming Tom Hall and the fest’s managing director Jen Weiss.
After the swing/cuffs alcove came the day beds with rubber sheets (ick!) the sweaty Jacuzzi area and the shower room. None of them, except maybe the Jacuzzi, prompted any thoughts of getting’ nekkid, although there were a few of us in the crowd (H.H., I’m talking to you) who are prone to disrobing at festival events. Alas, there are some rules to be followed that are definitely buzz kills.
But then again, does “Shlomo’s Penthouse” REALLY made you wanna strip down, oil up and start rubbin’? As an aside, how many films with “Fuck” in the title has Mark Urman released @ Think, anyway?

Shortbus Opens In NYC

People, I cannot urge this enough. Shortbus opened in New York City today and I urge every one of you out there to go and see it, asap! Even the few pin-headed, racist, sexually uptight, reactionary, fundamentalist Christian douche bags that might stumble across my blog. Maybe this film will open up a new world for you and you’ll realize that singing sodomites are a wonderful thing.
The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis wrote a wonderful review of the film, which you can find here. Yes, that’s the same Manohla with whom I apparently almost had a flame war a few months back. What can I say, on that film we disagreed, on this one, we are on the same page…no Foley pun intended.
That said, TV Guide’s review while positive, has the most baffling lead I’ve read in a long time, and I quote:

A darkly comic trifle that follows in the footsteps of such films as Catherine Breillat’s Romance (2000), [Vincent Gallo’s] The Brown Bunny (2003) and Michael Winterbottom‘s 9 Songs (2004) by incorporating hard-core sex into a nonpornographic narrative.

Uh, ok. Except that the only thing Shortbus really has in common with those three films is genitalia. And “darkly comic trifle?” What does that even mean?
Shortbus is being released by ThinkFilm in New York City as of today, October 4th and in Los Angeles & San Francisco on October 6th. Make it a point to support the film on opening weekend and remember, we all get it in the end!

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