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The Wombats Return! New Video-“Circuitboard City”

The Scouse trio (one by way of Norway) has a new single on the way and as per usual, it’s a bouncy pop tune that belie the rather deeper lyrics within. “Can’t wait to wallow in self pity In my circuit board city tonight,” goes the catchy refrain and having seen the band live quite a few times, I doubt any of them have a digital alter ego. Doesn’t seem their style, really!
Matt @ SXSW, 2008DSC_0115.jpgAfter the jump, some more pix (and even a video) from various Wombats shows at SXSW.

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Tonight: The Wombats In NYC

Sorry for the late notice, but have you got an couple hours to kill and some dollars rattling around in your wallet? Then you could do a damn sight worse than going to see The Wombats at the Blender Theatre at the Gramercy.
I’ve written on more than a few occasions that the Wombats are a fantastic band and dammit, everyone who takes me at my word and gives them a listen, agrees. So why not try them out?
Come on down to the show and hear Murph:
and Dan:
Ooooh and Aaaah their way into your hearts!
And don’t forget:

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SXSW 08: A Little Music Preview

And Then There’s The Music…
After 5 days of Film and Interactive screenings, panels and assorted mischief, there’s music. Last year my feet hurt so badly I could barely walk in the mornings. I was under the impression that it was simply a matter of me being too old to pogo (mosh, skank, slam) but it turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis, which has now gone, so this year, I’m in the pit! (Yeah….right.)
The latest big news to come out of the SXSW camp? R.E.M., baby! They will be playing in support of their upcoming album Accelerate which, as its name implies, is apparently chock full of rock-pop goodness. That alone should be a reason to do the Snoopy Happy Dance for R.E.M. fans who are less than thrilled with their recent “adult contemporary” sound, but wait! There’s more:
Also confirmed this year:

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The Wombats Are Coming To The USA!

510474102_67a397af46.jpgThe Wombats are coming! The Wombats are coming!
My “discovery” band from this year’s SXSW, The Wombats, are making a return to North America, with gigs in San Francisco (Popscene), Toronto (Modclub, 8/11-buy tix), Boston (Great Scott, 8/13-buy tix) and New York (Annex, 8/15-buy tix) and I couldn’t be more fuckin’ chuffed!! Some of you may have read my (very) brief mention of them earlier this summer. I also posted a bunch of pics of this band as they went through their paces in Austin during SXSW. I only wish I’d seen some of their “proper” gigs during the festival.
Their indie pop punk is infectious and their energy and stage presence are catchy as hell. You’ll be pogo-ing and singing along in no time. Check out a few of their tunes on their MySpace page and there’s other info on their official site. And not only that, but their drummer is a dead ringer for David Gordon Green….
If you live in any of the aforementioned cities, I would do my damnest to get to one of their shows. You can bet I’ll be up front and center for the Annex show!

SXSW 07 Music: Pix Complete, Finally!

Click here to see my final uploads of pix from SXSW, including indieWIRE’s Eug and Brian, Mike Tully and me, another from Oreskaband and more from Asakusa Jinta as well as Eugene McGuinness, Wax Planet and the Wombats from the Liverpool: Sound City showcase at club Latitude 30.
The Wombats were my own personal SXSW discovery and I’ve listened to their latest signal “Backfire at the Disco” 30 times since I saw them. Do yourselves a favor and check out their myspace page. Punk pop at its best, trust me! The Liverpool showcase was one of the best ones of the fest, even if they let a Mancunian band (Wax Planet) into the group.
McGuinness is a singer-songwriter who entertained the crowd with his troubadour stylings and Wax Planet wre a really fun band. However, the Wombats…well, I am still addicted. They have the potential of making a big splash, stateside. Until recently, they were unsigned in the UK, despite selling out 1,200-seat venues regularly!
A couple of pix, after the jump….

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