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New Single From The Cribs & Johnny Marr!

Musical genius and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr became an official member of Sheffield, UK brothers act The Cribs (twins Gary & Ryan Jarman and younger brother Ross) last year and the band have now released their first single. “We Were Aborted” is now available for free download at thecribs.com until 10am GMT on July 8th. It’s fantastic, go get it!

A Sign We Are All Aging…Starbucks Music Is Cool

So clearly it’s because the 80’s New Wave generation is exiting our 30s and entering our 40s that Starbucks is now playing cool music through it’s Hear Music subsidiary. I just sat down at a Starbucks on east 8th st. in New York and in the few minutes I have been here I have heard, in order:
Roxy Music – “Oh Yeah”
The Smiths – “William, It Was Really Nothing”
Elvis Costello – “New Amsterdam”
Kate Bush – “Hounds Of Love”
XTC – “Senses Working Overtime”
Other pieces of my youth shrink-wrapped for your Latte-sipping enjoyment? Bauhaus, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, David Bowie, New Order, The Pretenders, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sound, Split Enz (and not the really good song), English Beat, Robyn Hitchcock and The Jam.
I mean, yes, I am pleased to be able to sit and work in Starbucks and not have to use my headphones to block out Taylor Hicks or another Idol “winner,” but there is certainly a sense that my youth has finally been co-opted by the masses and run through the mass-market think tank and matched to the “Caramel-Caramel Light Frappucino” generation’s demographic.
I mean really…does Bauhaus’s “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” make you want a Venti half-caf latte with a reduced-fat banana chocolate chip cake or a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette?