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What Makes An Expert, Anyway?

Maybe I’m just picking on a small town paper when I post this, but I just have to call attention to a little bit of Oscar-related silliness. Robert Horton, “longtime” film critic for the Everett, Washington Herald, a so-called expert (so-called by his own paper, natch) got 6 out of his 13 predictions correct. Six. Out of 13. For best picture he predicted The Queen. That’s an “expert” prediction? The Queen was the only nominee that I was certain wasn’t going to win!

I Call Bullshit On The Globes

Ok, so from the beginning of the show, winners have been allowed to go on and on, thanking lawyers & agents, sons & daughters, directors & producers and co-stars & fellow nominees. That’s fine. Some were funny, some were touching and some were fatuous, but not once did the director of the telecast play someone off. That is until Peter Morgan, winner for best screenplay – motion picture for The Queen dared open his speech with a mention of the effect that a mass, spontaneous peaceful protest by 2.2 million Londoners had in 1997. He spoke for about 40 seconds and all of a sudden, he mentions that he’s being asked to wrap it up.
That’s bullshit and shame on you, Golden Globes.

2006 indieWIRE Blog Poll

poster2.jpgIn response to fellow blogger Tom Hall‘s call to arms, as well as the 2006 indieWIRE Critics’ poll I am posting my year end list. I have violated the rules laid down by Mr. Hall and indieWIRE because I felt like it and because I have trouble following directions. I have doubled the performance categories and thrown some runners up, as well as a few “worst of the year” mentions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my blog, my rules!
Also, there are many films I have yet to see, including The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, L’Enfant, Army of Shadows (returning soon to Film Forum!), Old Joy, Casino Royale, Borat, Half Nelson, The Last King of Scotland, Volver…. now it’s just getting embarrassing. As a result, I get the feeling I will be monkeying with my list as the year winds down this week. The “best first feature” section is especially barren for me, not having seen any of the indieWIRE-listed films. That said, I am pretty ok with my choice. As for the “best documentary” category, I am woefully unprepared for this one. (Jesus, I am getting more and more pathetic as this goes on….). I am therefore leaving it blank and hope to fill it in at a later date.
On with the poll!

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NYFF ’06 – Days In The Dark

IMG_0226.jpgToronto, New York Film Festival, Woodstock, The Hamptons, AFI Fest, AFM, Denver, London… add those up with the new Fall TV season and it’s enough to make a guy go all jibber jabber (extra points if anyone can name that reference)! Having recently returned from Toronto, I find myself trying to catch up on my writing and my TV while simultaneously trying to plan the next 3 months of festivals and other travel. (I need to go on a mileage run later in the year. Anyone care to join me?)
Starting Monday, the press screenings for the 44th New York Film Festival kick into high gear, with fourteen screenings next week alone. There are ten more the following week and seven more the week after that. Are we crazy, or what? Don’t forget that stuck in there is the NYFF Opening Night gala screening of Stephen Frears’ The Queen followed by the official and always fun after party at Tavern on the Green and the “turn it up a notch” after-after party. Maybe this year will be my first in ten where I make it to the food at Tavern in time to get the seared tuna before it’s all gone. I swear people have been lying to me for a decade, cuz I have never seen it there. Not once.

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