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Prison Break In Afghanistan, 1,100+ Prisoners Freed, 400 Taliban

Reuters is reporting that an estimated 1,150 prisoners, including 400 Taliban were set loose from a prison in Kandahar, today. The door was apparently blown open by a truck bomb, presumably as part of a massive Taliban-organized prison break.
Are you kidding me? Oh, goodie. If there was any doubt that we were fighting two wars, they’re gone, now. 400 more Taliban on the loose in Afghanistan?
Something tells me the Stop-Loss fiasco is going to continue for years.

Canadian Troops In Afghanistan Get High….Soooo Hiiiiiigh!

Canadian_troops.jpgAccording to CNN (via Reuters), Canadian troops “stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy.” A huge forest of 10′ tall marijuana plants. Apparently the Taliban have been using the forests as cover, and according to General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian defense staff, marijuana plants absorb heat energy (who knew!?), making it very difficult to find pesky Taliban fighters hiding in amongst the plants.
Making it even worse, the plants are so saturated with water right now, than burning them isn’t working, even though the Canadians have tried using white phosphorous and diesel. Here’s where this gets funny.
Apparently a few brown plans on the edge of the forest did indeed catch fire, much to the “discomfort” of some soldiers caught downwind of the, uh, conflagration. Apparently the troops “had some ill effects and decided that was probably not the right course of action,” according to General Hiller.
So with this in mind, a couple of illustrations of the subject. First, Tom Paxton‘s Late ’60’s/early ’70’s take on soldiers and, oh, pot, Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues:

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