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Cannes Review – A Scanner Darkly

After the letdown that was Fast Food Nation and given the risky source material (a Philip K. Dick novel) and filmmaking technique involved (rotoscoping animation), I was excited and very wary when I sat down for an afternoon screening of Richard Linklater‘s 2nd Cannes entry, A Scanner Darkly. While I haven’t yet read A Scanner Darkly, I am a fan of Dick’s wholly original style of writing and Blade Runner aside, I have not been impressed with the adaptations of his work to date. Sure, Total Recall was a bit of popcorn fun, but it was certainly a far cry from a faithful recreation of Dick’s story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. I need not have worried. Linklater’s dark and engrossing film stands on its own as a work of exceptional depth and understanding and those familiar with Dick’s dystopic vision of the world will not be disappointed.

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Cannes #2 – IFCtv.com-Fast Food Nation & The International Press!

After many trials and tribulations, including a lost cell phone and various unpleasant publicists who shall remain nameless, I have finall completed not only my second report for IFCtv.com, but also my first for E! Online (separate post). Whew.
Was Fast Food Nation one of the films you were looking forward to hearing about in Cannes? Do you like Wilmer Valerrama? Will you read it simply out of loyalty to your faithful scribe?
Well if so, click here and enjoy!
After the jump, as always, a pic or two from Cannes!

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