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3rd Shortbus Cannes Video – Ça Plane Pour Moi!

John Cameron Mitchell, Justin Bond and the Shortbus All-Stars (my name) kick things up a few notches with this rollicking duet. Again, I plead for the existence of a full recording of this night!
p.s. Those of you familiar with David Bowie’s Earthling tour may see an eerie resemblance in the initial still from this video clip!

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Shortbus Party At Cannes – 1st Video Blog

John Finalesmall.jpgOne of the fun things about any good film festival is the sheer number of parties and this year’s Cannes was no exception. Even if they aren’t particularly exciting affairs, they are often a good place to refill your body’s important food and booze stores and everyone knows that keeping your hooch and vittles levels in good balance (about 3:1 is a good ratio) is the key to surviving a 2 week film festival. With some days in Cannes filled literally from lunchtime to 4am or 5am with multiple events, some picking and choosing is of course required. This year I picked well on two occasions, the first of which was the party for John Cameron Mitchell‘s Shortbus.
SmallBrannan.jpgI am on record (or will be, as soon as my 4th IFCtv.com post is published) as being full of regret for missing the Cannes screening of Shortbus but I did not miss the party and a fantastic affair it was. My aforementioned IFC report will include many words, words, words (and a few pix) on the subject, but here’s where I get to try out a new feature of The Rabbi Report…video! In this post you will find the first of 4 clips of performances (of varying quality and zero editing) from the party which was one of the highlights of my 13+ years of film festival going. (“Film festival going?” Ugh.)
After the party my statement that I’d never been more proud to be a fag stag earned me a peck on the cheek from PJ DeBoy, an act that made a few friends in the crowd just a wee bit jealous. Don’t be too green, boys. It was the only “action” I got all festival!
Anyway, the two pics above are, top to bottom John’s triumphal pose at the end of the show (is it just me or do you think he’d do a fantastic version of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust? – Click on the pic for a larger version) and Jay Brannan performing at the party. After the jump, a clip of the beautiful and talented Sook-Yin Lee performing part of a beautiful Chinese song. Alas, my camera didn’t have the memory to record entire numbers, but part is better than none, no? The other three clips will each have their own post above this one and include: a bit of “Wig In A Box” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a duet between JCM and Justin Bond on Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi/Elton Motello’s Jet Boy-Jet Girl and a chorus of Jay Brannan overdoing it at the “I don’t know when to stop sock hop.”

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