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NYC Film Permit Crackdown

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (MOFTB) has proposed new rules governing the shooting of film or still photography in New York that are downright fascist in nature. In a move that has drawn massive protests, including over 16,000 signatures to an online petition set up by Picture New York, the MOFTB has proposed a set of rules changes that do nothing but serve to punish New York’s still and moving picture photographers. Not only that, but the rules changes are confusing as hell, leaving the cops open to harass the hell out of photographers, left and right. The MOFTB site summarizes the changes thusly:

1) Film or still photography activity involving a tripod and a crew of 5 or more persons (at one site for 10 or more minutes) would require a permit, or the same activity among two people at a single site for more than 30 minutes. However, note that this situation is RARE for recreational photographers.

Nice of them to tell us, the actual people it affects, how RARE this situation it is.

2) Applicants unable to meet the insurance requirement may be eligible for a waiver of insurance.

3) Still photographers engaged in “permitted” activity (activity where you need a permit) would require insurance. “Permitted” activity can include (emph. mine) those where vehicles or equipment other than hand-held cameras are used.

“Can include?” Can you be MORE vague, please?
The confusion has already started, since the MOFTB neglects to mention “including all set-up and breakdown time in connection with such activities” in their summary, but does include it in the actual text of the regulations, found elsewhere on their site.
One of the big problems is, the new (and existing) rules seem to imply that whatever is not SPECIFICALLY named as being permit-free, DOES need one, which is a ridiculous way of looking at things. It should the other way around, i.e. “Activities A-F require permits, everything else is fair game.” The former leaves the rules widely open to interpretation by the police. Never a good thing.
I am a born and bred New Yorker and I have seen the city that I love slowly turn from one of the most vibrant, exciting and culturally relevant places on Earth into just another big city. This proposed crackdown on the personal liberties of the city’s artistic community is yet another offense against the memory of what New York was (and still can be). Please, contact the mayor’s office and let them know how you feel. Also, my fellow blogger Eugene Hernandez is collecting comments on his website and he will forwarding them on to the Mayor’s office.

3 Hot Shows, On Sale….NOW

Tickets for Arctic Monkeys in Central Park, Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall and Of Montreal at Roseland have just gone on sale. I’ve got mine, do you?
BTW, if you’re a friend of mine, text or email me before you buy tix, since I might have extras!
Arctic Monkeys – Wednesday, September 5th (2 days after Telluride and 1 day before Toronto)
Rilo Kiley – 2 days: Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd. I’m going on Saturday.
Of Montreal – Saturday, October 13th.

One Night At Sway: Tully Hypnotizes….

Filmmaker and blogger Michael Tully attempts to hypnotize filmmaker Liz Mermin (The Beauty Academy of Kabul) with just his gaze last Sunday at the Smiths/Morrissey night at downtown New York hotspot Sway following the New Directors/New Films directors party at Lincoln Center restaurant Josephina’s.


The ND/NF bash was packed and it was Sunday night, but apparently some of us were ready to continue letting les bon temps roulez, because Newport programmer David Nugent corraled about 20 of us to head down to the SoHo club for several more hours of dancing and libations. In fact, word has it that some partygoers danced away until 8am!

A Gershwin Dinner

So last night my friend Piper and I had an excellent dinner at Cookshop, a restaurant on 10th avenue at 20th st., here in Manhattan. She had the Montauk Point striped bass and I had the whole Atlantic Porgy, which means that for dinner we had…Porgy & Bass.
Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your waiter.

Things That Make You Go….Hunh?

Overheard at one of my regular haunts in New York:
Patron: “Can I see a dessert menu?”
Bartender: “Sure, and we have some specials. Our sorbet/ice cream special is lemon curd and blueberry and we have a Banana Split.”
Patron: “What’s that?”
Are you fucking kidding me? Who doesn’t know what a Banana Split is?