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Michael Giacchino Conducts the Suite From Lost

Here’s a video clip of Michael Giacchino conducting an orchestra playing a suite from the landmark TV series Lost. My apologies for the orientation. It was a combination of a new phone (first video shot on it) and being entranced by the music!

SXSW 07 Music: More Pix Uploaded….

More pix from SXSW 2007 have been uploaded to my Flickr.com page, including The Dears, Bob Mould, Asakusa Jinta and Oreskaband.
Oreskaband is an especially fun band and they’re playing dates on the upcoming Warped Tour, so check themn out, if you get the chance! There will be more pix and videos from Oreskaband and Asakusa Jinta posted soon from their show that was later on in the fest (I am Flickr’ing chronologically…I’m anal like ‘dat).