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Tribeca 07 Review: The Education Of Charlie Banks

Banksstill.jpgThe Education of Charlie Banks, 100 min.
Directed by Fred Durst; Produced by Marisa Polvino
To be honest when I heard that Fred Durst, front man for “Nu Metal” band Limp Bizkit, had won the Made in NY Award at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival for his directorial debut The Education of Charlie Banks, I scoffed. This is the guy whose wrote all those sophomoric songs about… well, I don’t really know what his songs are about since I never read his lyrics but I assumed they were just about getting laid and smoking blunts. What could he possibly have to say in a feature length movie? Well, you know what happens when you assume… In short, I was wrong. Charlie Banks is a solid film. Not perfect but several notches above your standard festival fare. It’s a well made movie that I found thoroughly entertaining and engaging and I’ll admit, I seriously prejudged Durst.

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