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Tribeca 07 Podcast: “The Workshop” Director, Jamie Morgan

The Workshop director Jamie Morgan talks with Adam Schartoff about the process of making a film in the unique atmosphere of a sex workshop. Morgan discusses his experiences –both scary and exhilarating– in making an intensely personal documentary in which he ends up playing an essential role.
NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the interview starts abruptly in the middle of a question. We apologize for this glitch. Also, Firefox for the Mac doesn’t support one of the tags our host uses, but they’re promising me a fix, soon.

Click here for a review of The Workshop by Adam Schartoff.

Tribeca 07 Review: The Workshop

Love_pool_rgb.jpgThe Workshop, 93 min.
Directed by Jamie Morgan; Produced by: Peter Martin, Cyril Megret, Piers Tempest
Meet Paul Lowe. British, silver haired and charismatic, he’s the founder and spiritual guru of The Workshop. There’s Ryan, yoga instructor to the stars, who seems to be the serial Workshop stud. Besides appearing in the buff for most of the film, he spends a great deal of time navigating between love interests. Later we learn he also happens to be Paul Lowe’s son-in-law. Then there’s the lovely Laurel and just as lovely Maddy. Both seem to be in love with Ryan and trying to come to terms with their feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. They’re naked too. Here comes Brian, a reserved British bloke who, while usually clothed, is in love with Laurel. Or was that Maddy he was in love with? Oh, who can remember?

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