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Kucinich Calls For Impeachment, Has Balls

This evening, the mas macho member of the US House of Representatives Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush in a 35 count indictment on the House floor. It’s not going to happen, but think about it: 435 members of the House and only ONE has the nads/brains/morals to do this?
And lest you think this is all about the war (like that’s not enough) he’s addressing Katrina (STILL not answered for, almost THREE years later) and global warming.
House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has repeatedly said that impeachment is off the table and no one thinks this is going to get much traction, but all the wire services and hundreds of other outlets, have picked it up. Maybe combined with Scott McLellan’s testemony before the house judicialry committee on June 20th will have some effect, at least in the public consciousness.
It’s on C-Span. Dig it.

Nation Editor Katrina vaden Heuvel Praises Costas

katrina_vanden_heuvel.jpgCostas.jpgAs were many of us who watched Bob Costas filling in on CNN‘s Larry King Live following President Bush’s speech on June 28th, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, was impressed. Costas wasted no time in getting straight to the point. In his third question for Senator John Kerry he asked a question many of us on the Left have been asking for months, to wit:

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Horseshit Politics Pt. 2 – A Lie By Omission

Well, the President of the United States once again proved himself to be a big fat liar out of touch with reality. From what I could see, Bush’s speech was, surprisingly, low key. The troops at Fort Bragg were apparently instructed to keep a somber note, but the reaction begs a question: If the president of the United States can’t garner unsolicited applause from his troops during a war, should the war possibly be rethought?

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Horseshit Politics Pt. 1 – George W. Bush Has No Shame

In tonight’s speech, President George W. Bush offended millions of Americans. He did it repeatedly throughout a speech that lasted slightly more than 30 minutes. How? In a speech about the war in Iraq, Bush mentioned the events of September 11th, 2001 a whopping 8 times, sometimes specifically linking the two. In what has come to be called “playing the 9/11 card,” Bush repeatedly jabbed his finger in the wounds tugged on the heartstrings of not only the millions of people who were in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania on September 11th, but of the billions of people around the world affected by those attacks.

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