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Paper Ballot Snafu In NYC?

A friend of mine reports that when she went to vote in Brooklyn on Tuesday and used a paper ballot, the only choices were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. From what I know, this is a violation, since John Edwards was still on the New York State ballot. I know, because I voted for him. I also am not sure as to why she would have been given a paper ballot (I forgot to ask), since according to this, there are only three reasons one would even receive a paper ballot.
Can anyone out there shed some light on this?

Why I Voted For John Edwards

1167608823_6678eb4026.jpgEver since my choice for the democratic nomination, John Edwards, suspended his campaign, I have been besieged by friend and stranger alike, urging me to vote for Barack Obama. Literally no one I know has approached me about Hillary. Maybe that says something about my friends or Hillary or maybe it says something about me. It doesn’t matter, because the only way I hold my nose and vote for her is if she’s the nominee in November. The thing is, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Obama, either. Many of my friends are somewhat incredulous at my recalcitrance, but I have my reasons.

First a little background. My mother was a proud and politically active woman of mixed ethnicity but I think she identified most often as black. She was a filmmaker, author and journalist and paid close attention to the goings on of the day. She was deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement and I was raised in an politically aware home. But let’s be honest, unless you know me or are very race conscious, you wouldn’t know I was anything but Caucasian (or maybe Latino. I get that on the streets of NYC all the time). That said, I was raised in a multi-ethnic home and am myself very conscious of my heritage.
I am a feminist and a civil rights activist and I would be more than happy to see the first woman president or the first black president. The thing is, I will not and cannot sacrifice my overall political beliefs and I flatly refuse to do something so base and crass as to sell my vote for race or gender. This year’s race for the democratic nomination has been framed by the media for over a year as Clinton vs. Obama and as a result, the candidate most committed to the wellbeing of the people, John Edwards, was marginalized from the start. He really never had a chance and for that, the mainstream media should be ashamed. It’s clear, at least from my perspective, that John Edwards preached what was fair and good: An end to the dominance of Big Pharma and the insurance company lobby, the return of the government to the people, the end of corporate media dominance…oh…. Ooops!
So, John Edwards was, for my money, the most progressive, committed and honest person in the democratic race and he got my support. When he dropped out, I fully expected a switch to click in my head and start to get excited about Obama, but you know what? I couldn’t do it. I don’t like his heathcare plan, he strikes me as an appeaser, I don’t fully trust him and he never says anything. It drives me nuts. His speeches are like revival meetings and while I love a good call-and-response, “Yes we can” doesn’t really say much besides, well, “yes we can.” Besides, I’m loyal. When I support someone, I support them and in the absence of an endorsement from Edwards, I felt no compelling urge to vote for Obama.
The thing is, it’s all about November, for me and who can beat John McCain (for he’s clearly the likely nominee). Unfortunately, the only candidate who was the clear winner in that contest is no longer in the race. In poll after poll, you democrats all over the country named Edwards as the candidate you thought could most beat the republicans in November and in poll after poll you named Edwards as the candidate who most cared about people. And what did you all do? You voted against your interests and against the interests of the country as a whole. I just don’t get it. If you really thought Obama or Clinton were more likely to win, the results would make sense, but you didn’t. You said Edwards was a better candidate and cared more about you and then you went out and voted for someone else. Shame on you.
Photo of John Edwards by George P. Stern

The South Carolina Martin Luther King Day Democratic Debate

For the next two hours I hope to bring you some of my thoughts on how this debate is going. I am an Edwards supporter, but I will do my best to be fair analyzing their debate performance. The format is very interesting and CNN is basically allowing a free form debate!
10:04-I think this debate gave the people of South Carolina a great deal to think about. My analysis, for what it’s worth is that Obama and Edwards gained and I think Edwards could seriously make a strong 3rd place showing. Hillary didn’t really seem to have “it” and even got boo’d! This is probably the most exciting election cycle in my lifetime.
10:01-Good answer by Edwards, great one by Obama. Tepid applause, however.
10:00-Wow. Last question by Wolf: If Dr. King were alive, why would he endorse you?
9:59-Edwards makes a very strong foreign policy statement.
9:55-The “lobbyist” issue rears its ugly head. Hillary is simply wrong on this.
9:46-Edwards makes a very good case that if McCain’s the GOP candidate, he is the only one who can whip McCain’s butt. And you know what? he’s right.
CNN’s Bill Schneider is blogging this debate quite well over on CNN’s main 2008 election site.
9:36-Obama points out the difference between his race and the very real problem of race in America. Very good points. Again, Edwards is “just the white guy.”
9:30-Joe Johns asks Obama: “Do you think Bil Clinton was our first black president.” Gives him a chance to bridge the races.
9:27-Edwards is becoming the butt of “white male” jokes.
9:22-Now we’re getting into race and the question facing Edwards and Clinton: Should people of color vote for white people if they’re voting in their best self interest?
9:10-This issue, Iraq, isn’t enough to differentiate these three candidates all that much.
9:05-Edwards on Bush thinking that the surge in Iraq is the means to a political end: “If Bush recognizes it, then man it’s really got to be out there.”
9:03-Hillary says there’s no military solution to the war.
9:01-Here come the war questions…
8:56-All three give good answers on their healthcare plans. Obama really does differ from Clinton and Edwards on this.
8:49-Suzanne Malveaux tosses Hillary a softball about HIV/AIDS.
8:47-Edwards places himself above the frey, but doesn’t let Obama respond.
8:45-Hillary is treating the viewers like idiots. Like we don’t know why senators sometimes vote against bills that on the surface seem good but don’t go far enough. She also attacks Obama on some of his votes and is slammed again.
8:43-Hillary gets boo’d! Amazing. She looks like she’s going down in flames!
8:40-More sniping between Obama and Clinton. They really don’t like each other, it seems.
8:34-Edwards outright calls the economic power structure in the United States racist.
8:31-Edwards starts to separate he and Obama from Hillary and brings some humor into the debate: “Let me finish because lord knows, you let them go on forever!”
8:30-Edwards pulls the debate back on track.
8:26-WOW! Obama just delivered a huge uppercut to Hillary re: her stint on the board of Wal Mart and clarifying his statements about Ronald Reagan very well. This debate is degenerating.
8:22-Obama launches the first serious shot across Hillary’s bow by claiming things she say aren’t true. Goes after Bill Clinton, too. So far this is Obama’s best debate performace.
8:20-Obama and Edwards spar a little bit on free trade and economic stimulus. I still think Edwards and Obama are a natural team, come November.
8:15-Edwards gives a good position but doesn’t exactly answer the question. Looks bad denying an immediate cash payout to poor people.
8:10-Hillary gives a decent answer to the question.
8:08-First question on the economy from Joe Johns.