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Gawker Takes On Hannah, Knocked Out By Its Own Ineptitude

Over at Gawker.com (I get nauseous even writing that domain name) the notorious Emily Gould has written a “review” of Hannah Takes the Stairs that is so slight, dimwitted, mean-spirited, misrepresentative and careless as to almost make it farcical. What stops it short of being laughable is that the sheer reach of Gawker into the target audience for the film could have an impact on the film’s success The fact is, a negative review from one of the darlings of the New York City 20-something pop culture set is potentially damaging to this film’s box office returns in its only week in release. As judged by the comments, this “review” has convinced a chunk of Gawker’s readers from seeing the film.
Don’t get me wrong, I do not decry critics the right to negatively review a film. That would be absurd. Nor would I object to a thoughtful debunking of the idea that “Mumblecore” is a real movement in American independent film. I do, however, take issues with writers who expound upon things they clearly do not understand and are crude, rude and downright mean when doing so. To wit:
“On seeing the preview, I thought I could relate, a bit, to our heroine Hannah.” Writes Emily, continuing, “(That’s the idea, right? She’s supposed to represent a generation.)” Ummm, no. Hannah is not necessarily supposed to be likable. She’s confused, often feckless and somewhat careless in her relationships. She’s also honestly looking for happiness, something we all do, but might never find. She’s representative of what some people are like but in no way did the filmmakers intend for Hannah to be representative of a generation. I don’t think a fictional character has represented a whole generation since Sal Paradise. (You had to look that one up, didn’t you, Emily?)

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Tribeca 07 Party: My Best Friend

I’ll admit, this was not my most party-intensive Tribeca Film Festival. First of all, it’s been two years now since Showtime’s legendary all you can eat sushi party at Nobu and the fest just isn’t the same without it! Secondly, I don’t recover as well from parties as I used to. That said, I did attend a few (what would a film festival be without the Rabbi hitting the parties, I ask you?) and one of the better fêtes was held on May 1st for IFC Films upcoming release of Patrice Leconte’s My Best Friend which stars one of my favorite Gallic actors Daniel Auteuil (Le Huitième Jour). The event was sponsored by ROC which, interestingly enough was celebrating their 50th anniversary on that very day! Well, Bonne Anniversaire, ROC!
The party was attended by a few celebs, including Kevin Pollack, Rachel Dratch, Sherri Saun (Rescue Me), Colin Egglesfield (All My Children), Jane Krakowski, socialite Alex Adame and of course the indie world’s roster of up-and-coming bold-faced names, including directors Joe Swanberg (Hannah Takes the Stairs) & Aaron Katz (Quiet City) and Hannah herself, Greta Gerwig.
The goody bags were quite good, and considering that hosts seem to be cutting back on that particular perk (for shame!) quite welcome. After the bash ended (some of us stayed right up until “get out” time) there were goody bags left over, so if you need any puffy eye cream, let me know, as I’m up to my tits in retinol!
A couple of pix from the event after the jump!

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Sarasota 07: My Filmmaker Magazine Report

Besides The Rabbi Report, I was also down in Sarasota for Filmmaker Magazine and today they published my report from the fest. Check it out, y’all!
After the jump, a few pix from the festival!

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SXSW 07: What’s A Party Without A Lightsabre?


SXSW Film Festival producer Matt Dentler gettin’ Jedi wid it at the excellent party for the equally excellent film Hannah Takes the Stairs.
“The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”