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2006 indieWIRE Blog Poll

poster2.jpgIn response to fellow blogger Tom Hall‘s call to arms, as well as the 2006 indieWIRE Critics’ poll I am posting my year end list. I have violated the rules laid down by Mr. Hall and indieWIRE because I felt like it and because I have trouble following directions. I have doubled the performance categories and thrown some runners up, as well as a few “worst of the year” mentions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my blog, my rules!
Also, there are many films I have yet to see, including The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, L’Enfant, Army of Shadows (returning soon to Film Forum!), Old Joy, Casino Royale, Borat, Half Nelson, The Last King of Scotland, Volver…. now it’s just getting embarrassing. As a result, I get the feeling I will be monkeying with my list as the year winds down this week. The “best first feature” section is especially barren for me, not having seen any of the indieWIRE-listed films. That said, I am pretty ok with my choice. As for the “best documentary” category, I am woefully unprepared for this one. (Jesus, I am getting more and more pathetic as this goes on….). I am therefore leaving it blank and hope to fill it in at a later date.
On with the poll!

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2006 NYFF Closing Night

Sunday night was the occasion of one of my favorite parties of the film festival calendar, that being the New York Film Festival closing night fiesta at the Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Building at New York’s Columbus Circle, brought to you this year by our friends at Kodak. The party was well-hosted by Kodak’s Anne Hubbell, pictured on the right here as 1/2 of my own personal “If Life Were Only Like This” display. Helping to make me look good is the IFC Center manager Katie “I’m kickin’ Your Ass In Fantasy Soccer” Trainor.

NYFFClosing Night.jpg

See what I mean?

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A Film Weekend In New York – Man, I Love This Town!

panslabyrinth2.jpgMy man Mike Tully ain’t kidding when he mentions some of the filmic riches to be seen in New York City theaters this weekend. I mean, there’s Old Joy (which I confess to missing in Rotterdam, but promise to see this week) and California Split (which I think I should take in after taking in some of the things mentioned in my previous post), and I thoroughly agree with his take on Pan’s Labyrinth and will be writing more about it, tomorrow. It’s truly brilliant. But that’s hardly all on offer this weekend.

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Cannes Awards – Watch This Space!

logo_festival_hot_2006.gifThe awards for the 59th annual Cannes FIlm Festival will be announced starting at 7:30pm, CET/1:30pm EDT. Watch this space for updated winners as they are announced. Reload the page to see the latest from the Palais de Festival!
Andrea Arnold, director of Cannes competition entry Red Road has just arrived on the red carpet and told cameras that she was asked to return to Cannes by the festival. Clearly her film is going to win something and bets are on the Camera d’Or, the award given to a filmmaker for their debut feature film. Last year’s award was split between Miranda July for Me, You and Everyone We Know and Vimukthl Jayasundara for the French/Sri Lanka coproduction Sulanga Enu Pinisa (The Forsaken Land).
The jury has finally arrived at the Palais, 4 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. They apparently walked down the Croisette, rather than take the chauffered limos. Wait until you see Monica Bellucci‘s dress!

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