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IFFR 07: Getting Started & The Ick Factor

AMan'sJob.jpgAs of the end of my day on February 1st, I’ve seen all or part of 15 films in my 5 days of screenings which for those of you familiar with my past festival behavior must seem like I’ve been kidnapped by aliens. Not only that but, I’ve not bought or smoked any cannabinoids, have been up before 9am every day and was back at my hotel before midnight every day but one. But enough about me….cinema!
I started my fest off, oddly enough, with three films in a row whose titles begin with “Man.” A Man to Remember (more on this recently discovered 1938 gem in a future post), A Man’s Job and The Man Of No Return and rather than bore you with lengthy reviews of films that should best be avoided, I’ll just say that A Man Of No Return should have stayed away. Normally I’d also ignore A Man’s Job as a film to be, well, ignored but I feel compelled to comment on a particular element of this film.

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