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Cannes #2 – IFCtv.com-Fast Food Nation & The International Press!

After many trials and tribulations, including a lost cell phone and various unpleasant publicists who shall remain nameless, I have finall completed not only my second report for IFCtv.com, but also my first for E! Online (separate post). Whew.
Was Fast Food Nation one of the films you were looking forward to hearing about in Cannes? Do you like Wilmer Valerrama? Will you read it simply out of loyalty to your faithful scribe?
Well if so, click here and enjoy!
After the jump, as always, a pic or two from Cannes!

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Lou Taylor Pucci Takes Interesting Pictures

Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsucker, Fast Food Nation) Seems to think I am much more interesting than the other photogs snapping away at the reception for Fast Food Nation at the American Pavilion. And I am!
He then (wisely) decides that co-star Ana Claudia Talancón‘s rear end is nicer to look at than I am. Again, I must agree with Mr. Pucci.