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Juno: Marketing, The Dancing Elks And…Oscar?

As many have mentioned, Fox Searchlight might just reap gold with the possibly counter programming genius, that being the release of Juno in December when theaters are otherwise jammed with serious “awards films” and some movie goers simply want some diversion from the onslaught of There Will be Blood, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Kite Runner and No Country For Old Men. Not to disparage these films, of course. I’ve seen the Coen Brothers’ pic (genius), will be seeing Blood on Friday and am looking forward to seeing the others, but sometimes you need something….else. Juno fills the “funny and smart” niche to a T. You know what else? It’s also a bona fide Oscar contender for best original screenplay and has an outside chance at best actress, as well. I’ll definitely continue to be watching and posting on the awards buzz for this and the rest of the “contenders” as the winter unfolds!
Word of mouth on this film is overwhelmingly positive and so far it has an 81 on Metacritic but it ain’t just the critics who are pushing this pic. While the film is indeed worthy of praise (but there are two critics on the Metacritic list I am ashamed of agreeing with…guess who!) the studio has been pretty smart in building buzz at fests, in part by employing local teams of “Dancing Elks,” dressed like Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera) the progenitor of the “sea monkey” (Juno’s phrase, not mine!) being carried by the title character. They even hand out orange tic tacs, a favorite of Bleeker’s. No one knows what’s going on, so of course they ask and then are intrigued. Seems to be working at the three places I’ve seen it, Toronto, AFI and Denver. I wonder what they made of it in Thessaloniki and Gijón?
After the jump, some pics from Toronto, AFI and Denver:

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Denver 07: Opening Night – New Spots, Old Friends And…A Cow?

Apologies on the delay of getting some Denver fest reports up, but well, some personal and professional things have kept me busy. That said, I have oodles of pix, anecdotes and reviews coming, so stay tuned!
One of the things I have consistently harped up vis a vis the Denver Film Festival is the amazing hospitality and organization the festival has and applies to its guests. Kurt Cobain: About a Son filmmaker, this year’s Denver panelist, blogger, juror and all around man about town A.J. Schnack concurs and we pretty much ranked Denver and Sarasota the two fests in the world that treat their guests the best and to be honest, may just be the two best regional fests, full stop. I know it’ll take a natural or personal disaster to keep me from either for years to come.
A few weeks ago, I inquired as to the name of my Denver hotel and wouldn’t you know it? The fest’s guest relations guru, Crystal Hamrick had in her infinite wisdom, put me at the Residence Inn by Marriott. I’m here for 10 nights, so a kitchen makes sense. Not only that, but the hotel has free wifi and they do my grocery shopping. Rocks. Oh, did I mention they have a coin laundry and a 24 hour outdoor hottub? Word. They also have a cow i the lobby:
After checking in I had a quick shower and headed off to the opening night party which to be honest, much like many other opening nights, in that it’s large and mostly for the locals. It’s sort of like first meal on the first day at summer camp, when all you want to do is find all your friends from the year before and catch up, so it’s spent running around looking for people. That said, this year’s opening night had a killer DJ set up (and the DJ herself wasn’t bad):

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Starz Denver Film Festival: Ah, The Late Night Lounge – Pt.1 of 27,405

Ah, how do I love thee, Late Night Lounge? Let me count the ways!


Is there anything else needed?


Lindsay, Britta, Tammy and Jenny makin’ the scene at the LNL, with Snidley Whiplash poking his head up in the background.

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