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Some Pix From Denver: Rides, Fireworks, Construction And A Drunk Duck

Saturday night was the DNC media party at Elitch Gardens Amusement park and the rides, games, food and drink were gratis, so of course I jumped on the wooden roller coaster (one of the top 5 in the country, apparently), played the games of chance (I lied and won a duck made in China that feels like fiberglass insulation) and spilled wine on myself. If you expected me to ride one of those new fangled, upside-down coasters or half pipe, you’re shit out of luck!
The City’s spruced up, banners, banners, every where:
We Like The Fireworks, The Fireworks That Go Boom!
The Late Night Lounge 24 Hours Before Opening (stay tuned to see how it turned out!):
“So a duck walks into a bar….”:

Let’s All Go To The Democratic National Convention!

So Monday sees the kickoff off one of the three biggest quadrennial parties on a political junkies calendar and one of the biggest parties anywhere, full stop. That’s right, the Democratic National Convention is in town, so get ready, Denver. The other two big political wing dings are The Republican bash being held next week (we’ll ignore that one, although my GOP sources says their chicks put out) and of course, inauguration! With any luck (and our country coming to its senses) I’ll be at the latter, as well. I’ve always wanted to go to an inauguration! This is my 3rd DNC and I can’t wait for it to start. It’s a historic moment and I am lucky to be here.
I landed a few hours ago and am settling in to the Mile High City. A word to the wise: Drink ass loads of water. You’re high up and it’s D.R.Y. Trust me, altitude sickness bites. After my 5 G&T’s on the planes in, I am guessing I should probably be sucking down the H2O.
One of the things I am most excited about revisiting here in Denver is Biker Jim’s Hot Dogs cart. Some of the best reindeer, elk, buffalo, boar and brats you’ll ever taste (yes, he has regular hot dogs, too). Biker Jim knows his shit, so if he tells you that your Alaskan reindeer dog need onions and cream cheese (yes, I said cream cheese) trust him. He’s the chef, man! At any rate, he’s a DNC preferred vendor and he’ll be in his regular spot during the days and word has it that he’s going to be visiting the Late Night Lounge a couple of nights, too!
Biker Jim:
The Menu:

Denver 07: Opening Night – New Spots, Old Friends And…A Cow?

Apologies on the delay of getting some Denver fest reports up, but well, some personal and professional things have kept me busy. That said, I have oodles of pix, anecdotes and reviews coming, so stay tuned!
One of the things I have consistently harped up vis a vis the Denver Film Festival is the amazing hospitality and organization the festival has and applies to its guests. Kurt Cobain: About a Son filmmaker, this year’s Denver panelist, blogger, juror and all around man about town A.J. Schnack concurs and we pretty much ranked Denver and Sarasota the two fests in the world that treat their guests the best and to be honest, may just be the two best regional fests, full stop. I know it’ll take a natural or personal disaster to keep me from either for years to come.
A few weeks ago, I inquired as to the name of my Denver hotel and wouldn’t you know it? The fest’s guest relations guru, Crystal Hamrick had in her infinite wisdom, put me at the Residence Inn by Marriott. I’m here for 10 nights, so a kitchen makes sense. Not only that, but the hotel has free wifi and they do my grocery shopping. Rocks. Oh, did I mention they have a coin laundry and a 24 hour outdoor hottub? Word. They also have a cow i the lobby:
After checking in I had a quick shower and headed off to the opening night party which to be honest, much like many other opening nights, in that it’s large and mostly for the locals. It’s sort of like first meal on the first day at summer camp, when all you want to do is find all your friends from the year before and catch up, so it’s spent running around looking for people. That said, this year’s opening night had a killer DJ set up (and the DJ herself wasn’t bad):

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AFI Fest 07: On The Road Again!

102011592,52C1DF427992D0ECF18.jpgOn the road again….. Yes indeedy. I am, as they say, on the road again. Or at least I will be a scant 35 hours from now, winging my way Westward towards AFI Fest and the American Film Market. After AFI comes the Starz Denver Film Festival and after that, a liver transplant, more than likely. Maybe I should call the trip the Rabbi Report’s “Ruin the Liver” tour… with opening act Bacon ‘n Onions? Nah, too meta and WAY too off the track.
Back on point, AFI Fest has grown in stature and size over the past several years to the point where I feel like I can’t cover it adequately by myself, such is the fact at so many festivals these days. Next year I am thinking I need a 2nd reporter but this year it’ll have to be solo. At any rate I figure I owe you guys a little bit of a primer on what to expect, should you choose to attend AFI Fest (and I strongly urge you to do so). I’ve seen several of the films on offer and am looking forward to seeing quite a few more, so without further ado, here’s a look at a (very) small selection of what’s on offer in Hollywood for the first 11 days of November.
A Pair of Pages: Juno and The Tracey Fragments
Do yourself a favor and catch this double shot of “The Tiny Canadian,” as she’s been dubbed (according to IMDb). Maybe you’ve read my thoughts on upcoming Fox Searchlight release Juno (more coming, to be sure) and perhaps you’ve heard that Juno scribe Diablo Cody is a possible best original screenplay Oscar nominee, well let me put the “possible” to rest. She’s a mortal lock and as soon as the Academy and critics groups get a load of Ellen Page’s performance as the titular Juno, she’s going to start pulling down kudos, too. The thing is, she’s no fluke.
Juno 1.jpg
Photo © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox

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