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Beyoncé Surprises But (As Always) Bowie Sets Trends

Yes, yes. We all know that Beyoncé dropped a new album today. We all were surprised and I do think that in today’s landscape of Twitter, cellphone cameras, and rumor-obsessed media, that it’s an amazing feat for an artist as famous as Beyoncé to be able to keep a secret like this. But it’s hardly the miracle that the US press is playing it out to be.

Basically, Beyoncé moved the needle but she did not, as many in the press (and celebrity tweets) would have you believe, “change the game.” That honor must be bestowed on David Bowie and his superb release The Next Day.

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Holy Crap! MoMA & Thurston Moore Presents Bowie Music Vid Program

On December 1st, 2008 Guess where I’ll be? I’ll give you a hint:
Bowie in Dublin, 2003
No, don’t be silly. Not at a Bowie show. (I wish. The man’s been virtually hidden for 5 years!) But instead at New York’s Museum of Modern Art for the Thurston Moore-hosted program of Bowie videos as part of MoMA’s Looking At Music exhibition. While I am excited to check out the exhibition and the other artists involved (Devo, The Beatles and John Cage among them) it’s really Bowie that has me chuffed. The videos were co-organized by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Media, MoMA.
The complete list of the program after the jump, along with some videos I’d have programmed, if I were the curator….

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NYFF 08: Che, Cantet, Rourke And….David Bowie!

NYFFYear1small.jpgSo it’s that time again. It snuck up on me because I was unable to make it up to Toronto this year which is in and of itself, a minor tragedy. I love the Toronto International Film Festival and all its attendant studio pomp and circumstance. But that’s no matter. What’s passed is past. It’s New York Film Festival time and for pure film geek glee, it’s right up there. Sure, some films suck and the program is often lacking in real surprises, but honestly, that’s not what I really look for in the festival. Should it take more chances? I think so, yeah. For example, the omission of Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York has ruffled a few feathers this year and the the overall predictability of the selection from year to year has been bemoaned on the circuit for years. That said, it’s not an industry event. It’s for the public and none of these films have played in New York. All in all, it’s one of my favorite film events of the year and not just because I love the opening night party/after party.
I don’t always go to Cannes or Toronto and as a result, the NYFF often has 15-20 films I haven’t seen and this year, it’s got more than that. Not only that, but almost every film in the main selection has a full press conference following the press screening, something which only a handful of festivals provide. It has also provided me with one of the more surreal moments of my life in the form of John Ritter in 1996.

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07 Galway Film Fleadh – Opening Night’s A Winner

The thing about the Irish is that they’ve struggled so much as a people, that things that might strike some of us as hardships are shrugged off, much like the seemingly endless stream of rain that drenches this aptly dubbed and enchanting sister city of Seattle. Like the Jews, the Irish have endured oppression for thousands of years and like the Jews they have developed a specific way of looking at it. Whereas complaining to the Jewish grandmother “My soup is cold, Grandma!” might get you a “Do you think they had soup in the camps? Eat your soup, you ungrateful pisher!” The Irishman looks at you if you’re a complete weenie and points out that at least you’re not starving.
Guinness PInt.jpg
Sweet Jesus, I love guinness!

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