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Just An Idea: Boreanaz As Rockford?

So, let’s just assume that the folks in Hollywood decide to make a film version of “The Rockford Files.” Not a crazy idea. How’s this for casting? In the role of Jim Rockford, made popular by James Garner:


We have “Bones,” “Angel” and “Buffy” star, David Boreanaz:


Maybe he’s a little young, but like I said, just an idea.
These are the things I think of when I’m watching the Sleuth channel….

SXSW 07: Finally, Some Pix Uploaded

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have finally entered 2006 and am now up on Flickr.com. In the past few days I have uploaded 54 pix from SXSW, with about 100 more to go. Then it’s on to Sarasota. Are you included in my SXSW pix? I can tell you right now, if your names are Mike Tully, Aaron Katz, Annie Sundberg, Eugene Hernandez, John Pierson, David Boreanaz, Matt Dentler, Ann-Margaret, Todd Rohal, Evil Todd Rohal, Jenny Chikes and many others, the answer is yes!
Recent SXSW pix include some of you out there in Rabbi Report Land, as well as The Smoking Popes, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Voxtrot.
Upcoming pix include Bloc Party (in one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen), Buzzcocks, Bob Mould, Steve Earle, The Pipettes, Oreskaband, The Dears, Pete Townshend and my favorite new band, The Wombats.
Y’all come back now, ya hear?
A few pix after the jump…..

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SXSW 07 Film: David Boreanaz Interview

Boreanaz-Small.jpgSo here I go! This is my first podcast, so forgive me if it’s rough. In fact, I know it’s rough. There are some (large) skips in the recording (still don’t know how they got there). For example, at about the 3:10 mark, we start to talk about this nice little Canadian film he did called These Girls. Not only that, there’s a LOT of background noise. Not only that, it’s the first interview I’ve done in, well, a long time and besides, I am a huge Buffy geek, so I was a wee bit nervous.
Also, Firefox for the Mac doesn’t support one of the tags my host uses, but they’re promising me a fix, soon.
I promise, I’ll get better.
David and I chat about the film he was at SXSW with, the world premiere of Alan Cumming’s solo directorial debut Suffering Man’s Charity, his previous indie film work, whether he’s interested in directing episodes of his hit Fox TV series Bones and yes, a little bit about Angel!
The podcast can be found on iTunes. Just search for The Rabbi Report. More coming, soon!
Or click here!
Wanna buy These Girls? Click away!

SXSW 07: The Insanity Begins….

plat.gifSo, I still have a whole bunch of films from Rotterdam and Berlin to write up, not to mention a review of Ken Loach’s supurb The Wind that Shakes the Barley and some pix to post, but damn it if I’m not already at another major event. Here I sit in Austin, Texas, waiting for my “Liberty Club” sandwich (at 3am…I know, I’m weak. South by Southwest (SXSW) kicks off tomorrow and I’m there for 10 days of film, music, panels and parties and there is an absurd amount of each one of those. Seriously: 1,600 bands, 110 films, and 9 days of film, music and interactive panels. Oh, and BBQ. Let’s not forget the BBQ. There will be pork loin, chicken, ribs and brisket eaten on this trip, don’t you worry!

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A Little Perspective On The Toronto International Film Festival

logo_filmFest.gifThis year marks my return to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as a journalist, after five years absence. As I have remarked on many an occasion, the TIFF is my favorite North American film event and it is right up there with the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Berlinale as one of the premiere film-related experiences in the world. While I am having fun with friends, seeing some excellent films and, I hope, doing some good work, when I come home at night it all seems like just so much bullshit. The devastation on the Gulf Coast makes all this art and commerce, vodka and tonics, seem so insignificant.

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