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Clarity Of Thought, Deed & Purpose: Your Job Until Election Day

Once again Mr. Tom Hall has delivered a wonderful piece of writing and leads the way on clear, concise coverage of an issue. After attending the Democratic National Convention (well, I was in Denver, not in the convention hall, alas) I made myself a promise that I guess I ought to make public, if only so that should I not follow through, there will be ample evidence. That promise was to write, often and passionately, about the upcoming election and why Barack Obama needs to be the next president of the United States. Thanks for kicking me in the ass, Tom!
I believe this is the most important election of the past 28 years and in hindsight, maybe the most important since 1960. Hell, why not since ever? In 1980, many of us were convinced that Reagan would lead us to nuclear war, but the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (a better nickname, MAD, was never invented) and the inevitable destabilization of the Soviet Union prevented that fear from becoming reality. However, the Reagan presidency sharply reversed the social and civil rights gains achieved over the previous 15-20 years and continued the US policy of turning Latin America into our own little death squad playground.
But back to why this particular election is so important. Two words: Supreme Court. If you think that we barely survived the 5-4 decisions of the “Kennedy Court” of the past few years (2008 notwithstanding) wait until Justices Stevens (88 years old), Ginsberg (75, rumored to be ill) and possibly Souter (68 and fed up with the partisan court) and Kennedy (72) retire.

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