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SXSW 07: It’s Raining Again….

The weather here at “South by,” as the locals and regulars call it, has been pretty hit or miss, with 2 dreary days in amongst 4 pretty nice ones. During one of the particularly monsoonish nights (the night of the 15+ margaritas) we were attempting to go from the very fine IFC party at Light Bar to the after party for Joe Swanberg’s excellent Hannah Takes the Stairs and a cab was in order. It’s not easy to get a cab in the rain, of course, so festival producer Matt Dentler decided to take it upon himself to act as a sort of a beacon. As this was prior to the “lightsabre episode,” he had to make do with what was on-hand. At least it’s still blue:


“Taxi!!!” I tell ya, this here SXSW is a seriously full-service event!

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I Am A Dick or “Go See Cocaine Angel Today!”

I, ladies and gentlemen, am an asshole. That’s right, an asshole. I promised my friend Mike Tully that I would blog about his film Cocaine Angel that is screening at the Pioneer Theater until tonight and I dropped the fuckin’ ball. I should have dropped it on my meat head. Well, here’s a last-ditch “make good” attempt that’s about a week too late, but maybe I can inspire one person, two people (5 people?) to hit the finale of the run, which is tonight, Tuesday, February 27th at 9pm. Read more about the film here and buy tix here. It’s really a fine film. See, I said so, here. And he’s got a new film coming soon, too! (Guess what? It’s good!)

Some Great (Some Not) Missing Comments

So apparently I had the junk filter on my blog set a little bit too high and several legitimate comments were deemed junk by the filter and thus were not emailed to me for approval. If the comment is by a legitimate person and not a spam ad for viagra, xanax, online poker, etc. I am generally of a mind to publish them and then respond to them, if needed. Thus, I apologize to Claire, Tully, Dickmac, Manohla Dargis, Richard Schenkman and others whose comments were inadvertently left off the blog. As a bit of a “make good,” I will post them all in full here, complete with links to the original posts and I will, over the next day or so, reply to some of them on the original posts, themselves. Even the following insane, moronic and anti-Semitic rant by “Claire” (whose email address I was extremely tempted to post…):
You stupid kike, CNN was NOT celebrating Castro’s illness, the cubans [sic] in Miami were. Why? Castro has tortured and killed thousands of Cubans during the past 40 years, that is why. CNN was just reporting their joy over that dictator’s possible death. Don’t you dirty jews [sic] have dozens of hollocaust [sic] movies coming out every year? should [sic] people feel happy about concentration camps? should people mourn Hitler’s death? get real asswipe!
From a post entitled: CNN International – Offensive Ghouls
Well Claire, you’re wrong, stupid and a bigot and really, I shouldn’t waste my time responding to anyone who starts a comment with “you stupid kike” and includes the insane ramblings that you do….so I won’t. Engaging people like you in debate is like trying to convince a chair that it’s a butterfly. It’s just not going to happen. Just crawl back into your hole and please…don’t breed. Out of curiosity, does anyone else see the inherant contradiction in someone attacking Castro’s perceived human rights violations while at the same time calling me a “dirty Jew?”
Which brings us to our next comment. Click the link below to see Richard Schenkman’s far more rational, eloquent, educated, reasonable and intelligent response to this post: It’s Time To Go, Joe: An Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman and the rest of the comments I missed over the past 6 months or so….

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An Alt-Man With Altman: Tully Living Large!

Michael Tully, fimmaker, world traveler, blogger, former roomie and knower of all music alternative & indie and all around mensch was at a special dinner for director Robert Altman on Sunday and today, during my daily perusal of the New York Times Bodfaced Names column, I caught the following mention:

In the back room, there was Mr. Altman, looking slender and sitting among his old friends — his wife and other family members, designers, producers, BOB BALABAN — and a kids’ table, where we met MICHAEL TULLY, a young man who introduced himself as the director of “Cocaine Angel,” which, he explained, was “a sort of darker side of sadness.”

How fucking cooll is that, man!? Tomorrow I head to Sarasota, where Tully’s film Cocaine Angel is having it’s East Coast premiere.

IFFR Review: Cocaine Angel

So my Rotterdam experience is over and tomorrow begins the Berlinale. For those who’ve read my indieWIRE article on the subject, you’ll know it was somewhat of a mixed bag for me but there were definitely some gems to be found amongst the costume jewels and Michael Tully‘s Cocaine Angel is one such film. You see, I was nervous as hell going in to the screening since Tully and I are friends and the last thing one wants to do is lie to a friend about their film. Thank god I didn’t have to.

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