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Christopher Hitchens On Jerry Falwell’s Death

A brief bit of history regarding my feelings for Christopher Hitchens:
Brilliant drunk—>Crackpot drunken hawk—>Partially redeemed brilliant drunk
There you have it. Why the redemption? How about this clip, for starters:

(BTW, I do not use the word “drunk” pejoratively. I adore some drunks and have myself been one, on occasion.)
You might have varied negative opinions about Hitchens, including his extremely pig-headed and wholly incorrect position on the war in Iraq (he’s for it…still) and his arrogant posturing indicating that he is certain that he is the smartest person in any room.
That all said, he is very smart and, some might say to a fault, honest.
Another video after the jump, this time from the Fox “News” show Hannity & Colmes:

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