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Flickr Pix: The 2007 Denver Film Festival…Finally!

A few pix from the 2007 Denver Film Festival. I know, I know…6 months late. But at least I’m getting to them and they ain’t just rotting on my hard drive! See the rest here!

Late Night Lounge honcho Alex Reshetniak and filmmaker Doug Prey (Scratch, Surfwise, Hype!)

indieWIRE’s Brian Brooks, filmmaker AJ Schnack (Kurt Cobain: About a Son) and Denver Director of Festivals Britta Erickson.:

Who knew True/False’s David Wilson could hula hoop? And with a drink in hand, no less!


A Little Flickr Action

Oh yeah! Some more pics have been uploaded to my Flickr site, including those from a rather spirited BBQ held one rainy Saturday not too long ago. Not only that, there’s some pix from the Tribeca Film Festival as well as other random shots. If your name is Tom Hall, Holly Herrick, Ry Russo-Young, Ryan Harrington, Paul Lovelace, Elizabeth Hanley, Todd Rohal, David Call, Jessica Wolfson, Jessica Smith, Brian Brooks, Basil Tsiokos, Harris Dew, Colin Brown, Nicole Guillemet, Laura Macdonald, Craig Zobel, Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Peter Bjorn & John or Au Revoir Simone, among many others, you might wanna check it out.

Gumby Gets Down At The Apple Store, SoHo

Last Thursday marked the annual Apple Filmmaker Party at the Apple store, SoHo and it featured special guest DJ Jazzy Jeff and, erm, Gumby?

It was attended by many TFF filmmakers as well as much of the NYC indie crowd, including the following four reprobates:


L to R: NewFest director Basil Tsiokos, producer Jessica Wolfson, A&E’s Ryan Harrington and indieWIRE’s Brian Brooks.
Oh, and a glass exploded in my hand.

NYFF 06: A Black & White Night, Part I

Opening night at the New York Film Festival has been called, among other things, prom night in the indie film world and that’s not an entirely innacurate nick name. We dress up in our finest (well, most of us do) and after a screening of an anticipated, soon-to-open film at Lincoln Center, we hoof it a few blocks to Tavern on the Green to drink, eat, dance and schmooze the night away. After the official after-screening party, many of us head off to the after after party which, for the past few years, has been held at downtown restaurant Village. Without further ado, some pics from my favorite night of the year. One question, though….what the hell happened to the sundae bar this year?
IFC Films‘ Ryan Werner and indieWIRE Ed in Chief Eugene Hernandez at Village.

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Cannes #3 – IFCtv.com – “Marie Antoinette”: Let them eat fluff.

Yesterday I emailed my third Cannes post for IFCtv.com from Madrid during a layover and my ever patient editor Alison Willmore posted it quickly and even came up with a snappy title that I forgot to add!
As always, some pix now and after the break!
(L to R): indieWIRE’s Eugene Hernandez and Brian Brooks with Bart Mueller, costume designer (with Kurt Swanson) of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus at the Shortbus party in Cannes.

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