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My First Cannes Report On IFC

Well folks, French Internet connectivity “quirks” aside, I have managed to get my first of 6 posts from Cannes done and up on the IFCtv.com site and here it is, including a short review of The Da Vinci Code: CANNES DISPATCH: #1 – Arrivals and The Da Vinci Flop

Also, after the jump are a few pics from my journey so far. Enjoy!

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Are You Kidding Me?

Yesterday afternoon I received a rather disturbing email from the Bahamas International Film Festival which I was, until yesterday, planning on attending.
I have covered or worked at some 80-odd festivals over the past 10+ years and I have never witnessed something like this email. In it, the festival’s publicist states that the festival will be controlling some coverage of the event by:

…requiring that when you check in you schedule two-three (sic) interviews with the [attending] filmmakers.

The note goes on to say that while the interviews with specific filmmakers are not guaranteed (“first come, first serve” (sic):

…it is mandatory that this is done.

As Kyle’s mom might say, “What what WHAT!?”
While, as Eugene Hernandez says in his post, festivals often offer some level of transportation and/or lodging to attending media, I also have never seen this kind of a demand made upon attending press.
This strikes me as a rather dangerous precedent to try and set.
[N.B. The fest did invite me this year and offered lodging. I accepted (and bought my own plane ticket), but earlier today decided that I simply couldn’t take the time. This email helped me in my decision.]