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Keith Olbermann Is My Hero

In a piece of commentary ranking with the best ever produced by a journalist, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann excoriates President Bush and the rest of his unholy cabal, while plainly exposing the “patriotic” platitudes regarding the anniversary of 9/11 uttered by the White House as simply so much lip service. I say “Huzzah!,” Keith Olbermann and keep holding their feet to the fire, my good man! While I am at it, congratulations to MSNBC for, so far at least, sticking by their man.

Horseshit Politics Pt. 1 – George W. Bush Has No Shame

In tonight’s speech, President George W. Bush offended millions of Americans. He did it repeatedly throughout a speech that lasted slightly more than 30 minutes. How? In a speech about the war in Iraq, Bush mentioned the events of September 11th, 2001 a whopping 8 times, sometimes specifically linking the two. In what has come to be called “playing the 9/11 card,” Bush repeatedly jabbed his finger in the wounds tugged on the heartstrings of not only the millions of people who were in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania on September 11th, but of the billions of people around the world affected by those attacks.

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