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Mynette and Dana go boom! at the chili party

The first of my Bad Robot Action Movie Sundance mini-films. All fest I am going to be taking little clips of people, places and things and blowing them up, dropping giant rocks on them or rolling cars into them.

Not because I don’t like them, but because it’s fun! For example, I am very font of both Mynette and Dana, but it’s funny. Get it?

This is courtesy of a terrifically fun new FREE iPhone App called Action Movie FX from Bad Robot and J.J. Abrams!

Golden Globes, Hour One: 5pm – 6pm

5:53 – My 1st hour scorecard? 5-3. That’s pretty piss poor.

5:52 – Yay! Even Madonna gets played off!

5:48 – Am I wrong in thinking that playing off a non-English speaker because it takes him longer to get the words out in his second language is in bad taste?

5:47 – Another no-brainer, but I actually think The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo deserved it.

5: 46 – If The Artist wins best score, is Kim Novak going to storm the stage?

5:44 – I am feeling extremely Ricky-deprived, right now.

5:40 – Homeland wins! I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Well, maybe not never but you get the point!

5:38 – I guess TV Guide was right. The HFPA doesn’t like Breaking Bad and they love Frasier!

5:36 – Do you think Steve Buscemi has given up on anyone ever pronouncing his name correctly?

5:32 – How to blog the Golden Globes:



5:26 – Boo! When are producers going to learn that no one likes it when their favorite celeb gets played off!

5:24 – Kate Winslet wins for Mildred Pierce. The GG are really much easier to predict, for the most part, than the Oscars. 3 obvious winners out of 4 (maybe all 4 and I was just clueless about Laura Dern).

5:22 – The second no-brainer of the evening, Downton Abbey wins for Best Miniseries. LOVE!

5:20 – Talk about low rent! 20 minutes in and the teleprompter fucks up! Rob Lowe looks fantastic. Dorian Gray, indeed.

5:18 – A Velveeta ad? Low rent, much?

5:13 – My prediction? Laura Linney. The winner? Laura Dern. Ooops. Wow. Who did Zoey Deschanel’s hair? I love her, but….

5:10pm – I’m 1 for 1, as Christopher Plummer picks up the first award of the evening for Beginners.

5:07 –  Johnny Depp admits he hasn’t seen The Tourist yet and the show starts off with a thud. No award? We start with a clip reel from Hugo?

5:06 –  3rd joke at NBC’s expense. OUCH.

5:00pm – Ricky is killing….Kim Kardashian is the first and most deserving casualty of the night.



Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory – An Amazing Screening

On Monday night I was among a relatively privileged few that were invited to a special screening of Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky’s Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory that was held at CAA, with Berlinger and one of the West Memphis 3, Jason Baldwin, in attendance for a Q&A, following the screening.

After seeing the Paradise Lost films and knowing the story, just seeing Jason out of prison and as a grown man, hearing him speak about life before, during and after his incarceration…I can’t really describe the feelings. Relief at their release, anger at the State of Arkansas and a profound sadness that things like this, the railroading of three young men in such a brazen and disgusting manner can and do happen in the United States.

The film airs tonight at 9pm on HBO. Watch it, you’ll thank me!

Here are a couple of short videos from the Q&A. IN the first, Jason talks a little bit about life after prison and in the second he touches on just a couple of things that he’s noticed in his day-to-day life after prison.

Michael Giacchino Conducts the Suite From Lost

Here’s a video clip of Michael Giacchino conducting an orchestra playing a suite from the landmark TV series Lost. My apologies for the orientation. It was a combination of a new phone (first video shot on it) and being entranced by the music!