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The Truth About POTUS’ Selfie

So about this ridiculous uproar over the selfie that President Obama took with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron? Turns out not only was Michelle Obama not angry, but the whole thing was blown out of proportion. (I’m shocked! Shocked to find rank sensationalism going on in here!)


Check out this blog post by the Agence France Presse photographer who took those oh, so scandalous pix!

The New Puppy-Remix

A little bit of levity for an otherwise bad news Friday, sent to me by my good friend Jeremy and remixed by a friend of his. We may be in a recession, whole industries may be on the verge of collapse and we may be stuck in two, bloody wars, but at least we have….The New Puppy!

Reason #34 To Love Twitter: Wil Wheaton

A sample of the genius:
wilw iTunes: You want Combustible Edison, Joey Altruda, and Esquivel. Me: How’d you know? iTunes: I’m money, baby. Me: Baby? iTunes: [:wink:]
Seriously. This cat is comedy gold. And a good lefty, to boot. So let’s add them up, shall we?
Funny? Check.
Lefty? Check.
Geek? Check (and proud of it).
Been on Star Trek and doesn’t take himself too seriously? Check.
See what I’m saying?

Proposition 8: The Musical

Funny or Die is hit or miss but this one is a hit, sho nuff! My only real complaint is that it’s too short. Give us a couple more numbers, guys!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Twitter Vote Report: Ensuring Democracy, One Tweet At A Time!

Thanks to @KarinaLongworth for the heads up on Twitter Vote Report (TVR). A method of tracking how the vote is going across the country, TVR is using hashtags (#______) to collect information and report on the happenings around the country on election day, even if you don’t use Twitter (more on this below).
For example: “#10003 L:10th & Broadway #wait:120 back later #votereport” would mean that I am in zip code 10003 at 10th and Broadway and the wait at the polls is 2 hours and I’ll be back to vote later. That’s a simple one.
A more serious issue could be reported thusly:
“#10003 L:10th & Broadway #EPNY #bad #machine broken, no prov. ballots” which would mean I am in zip code 10003 at 10th and Broadway, I am having a bed experience at the polls and I need the Election Protection Coalition because the voting machines are broken and I can’t get a provisional ballot from the polling place.” See? A lot of info in a small space.
Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can still submit reports by text to 66937 (MOZES), by phone to 567-258-VOTE or by downloading the iPhone App.
More info can be found, here.
Our right to vote is arguably the most important and powerful right we possess in this country and we all need to do our part to make sure that none of us are disenfranchised!