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Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kodak, that giant of all things film, is preparing for a potential Chapter 11 filing, should some plans to sell digital patents not pan out.

Wow. For a company that was once synonymous with photography, this is a sad day. Not that it’s entirely unexpected. According to the piece, Kodak shares have been trading at under $1 for 30 straight days and it is in anger of being delisted by the New York Stock Exchange.

Want. WANT! – The Persu Hybrid

venture_one_sm.jpgThanks to @NathanFillion for clueing me in to the car/bike/toy of the future, the Persu Hybrid. Close your eyes and picture this: A three wheeled, enclosed vehicle that seats 2, gets 75-100 MPG, goes 0-60 in 6 seconds, goes at least 20 miles all-electric and goes at least 400 miles on each 6 gallon tank of gas and is projected to cost less than $25,000.
Now open your eyes and click the above link (yes, I do know that your eyes weren’t really closed).
Also, if you think $25,000 is expensive, look at it this way:
If you drive your regular car 12,000 miles per year and get 30 MPG, that’s $960/year in gas at $2.40/gallon. With the Persu, that cost drops to $384/year, a savings of $576. In five years you’ve saved $2,880. Add in cost of oil changes and other car maintenance and you’re saving even more. Yes, I know this isn’t a car for a family and is more like a 2nd vehicle, but for single people or for a 2nd car, it’s rather amazing. Also, according to Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson (click on the “video” tab on the left), it’s really, REALLY fun. In fact, he says it’s the most fun you can have and coming from a thrill seeker, that’s high praise, indeed!
Watch all the videos, read the specs and then tell me you don’t want one!

Twitter Vote Report: Ensuring Democracy, One Tweet At A Time!

Thanks to @KarinaLongworth for the heads up on Twitter Vote Report (TVR). A method of tracking how the vote is going across the country, TVR is using hashtags (#______) to collect information and report on the happenings around the country on election day, even if you don’t use Twitter (more on this below).
For example: “#10003 L:10th & Broadway #wait:120 back later #votereport” would mean that I am in zip code 10003 at 10th and Broadway and the wait at the polls is 2 hours and I’ll be back to vote later. That’s a simple one.
A more serious issue could be reported thusly:
“#10003 L:10th & Broadway #EPNY #bad #machine broken, no prov. ballots” which would mean I am in zip code 10003 at 10th and Broadway, I am having a bed experience at the polls and I need the Election Protection Coalition because the voting machines are broken and I can’t get a provisional ballot from the polling place.” See? A lot of info in a small space.
Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can still submit reports by text to 66937 (MOZES), by phone to 567-258-VOTE or by downloading the iPhone App.
More info can be found, here.
Our right to vote is arguably the most important and powerful right we possess in this country and we all need to do our part to make sure that none of us are disenfranchised!

Leaking TV Redux

Well, it turns out that the Bionic Woman pilot that’s floating around out there may just be the wrong one, in that sections of it have been re-cast or re-shot or both. Even if this turns out to be true, I loved what I saw and assuming they don’t all of a sudden turn her into a 12 year-old girl or a 78 year-old grandmother, I am reasonably confident that NBC has another hit on their hands!
More on what I thought of some other pilots in the coming days.

The New TV Season Leaks Onto The ‘Net

bw_4_800x600.jpgAh, leaks! What would a journalist be without them? Well, each year it seems that more and more of the new season TV pilots get leaked on to the ‘net and while I deplore piracy, I do believe that leaking TV shows on to the ‘Net may only serve to drive viewers to a show. What do I mean by that? Well, if enough intrepid bloggers watch a show a month or two in advance of its airing and then write about how cool it is, it starts buzz and thereby drives eyeballs to the airing of the premiere. Whatever you may believe, the number of people who can actually navigate Bittorrent and download a show is still relatively small, so most people are not downloading the pilots. Many people are still without DVRs, even. And before you cry “Snakes on a plane!” let me point out to you that the studio behind that bomb misread all the buzz flying around the web. They bought into the “any publicity is good publicity” canard and thought that all of the blogs “dedicated” to the film meant that B.O. would be high. Guess again. We were laughing at the film, not with it and word is, you had to actually be high to like the film.
I have managed to get copies of a few of the upcoming season’s pilots and will endeavor to let you know how cool or, well, not cool they are. As I’ve said, I suspect that these particular pilots have been officially unofficially released in order to create buzz, but if that’s the case, I am more than happy to indulge. I mean, what might have happened to Threshold, Invasion, Surface, Eyes and dozens of other quality shows, if they’d only been “leaked” to the blogosphere? Maybe nothing different, but maybe, just maybe they’d have earned a few extra tenths of a rating point on their debut and carried some more viewers over and survived. The truth is, most of these particular shows are getting very high positives in advance of their airings.
At any rate, watch this space for some (always spoiler-free) thoughts on NBC’s Bionic Woman and Chuck (anyone remember Jake 2.0?), ABC’s Pushing Daisies, FOX’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which apparently doesn’t start until Spring ’08), the CW’s Reaper and Showtime’s Californication and the new season of Weeds.