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Obama And Castro: The Handshake Heard ‘Round The World

Earlier this week, conservative blogs and the Twittersphere exploded over President Obama’s handshake with Cuban president Raul Castro at the funeral services for former South African president and overall legendary hero to billions, Nelson Mandela. And when I say exploded, I am not kidding. Senator John McCain even compared it to then-UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain shaking hands with Adolph Hitler. Seriously?

The vitriol was truly astonishing. A handshake is just about the most basic pleasantry that can be exchanged between two world leaders and, well, that’s just what you do. Especially considering it’s hardly the first time a US president has done something like this. Clinton shook Fidel Castro’s hand, Nixon shook the hand of Mao Zedong. It’s called diplomacy and considering they were at the funeral of a man who was able to reconcile with his former jailers and end Apartheid, I am happy that the spirit of diplomacy prevailed.

[Oh and Senator McCain? Douche. Why? That hypocritical fuck shook hands with Gaddafi! See hysterical and frustrating Daily Show clip below.]

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Pray Tell, Whose Home Would That Be?

Talk about redefining the English language in order to market things to put in our increasingly fatter faces….

Please to explain how the word “Homemade” belongs within 500 yards of this container of ice cream?

Talk about stretching the definition….

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t keep Microcrystalline Cellulose or Cellulose Gel (both undigestible vegetable matter) on hand in my pantry.

Am I the only one that gets pissed off when they see this sort of chicanery?

Lipstick, Pigs And The Media

Earlier today, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked a guest on her newscast about losing how the campaigns could lose 48 hours on “lipstick.” Are you kidding me? How dare she ask that question! Who does she think is responsible? For all Sarah Palin’s whinging and moaning about how “liberal” the press is and how “biased” MSNBC is (Ok, it is and I love it) stories like “lipstick on a pig” are created completely by the media. What I mean to say is, in answer to your question, Andrea: It’s the fucking press, you ninny!
If the press had ignored it as a funny, “last 5 minutes of the newscast” kind of an item, the story wouldn’t have had nearly the legs it had, but instead it was the LEAD story! Are you kidding? With McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden, not to mention their dozens of surrogates) out there stumping, holding town hall meetings and generally going about the very serious business of trying to educate the general voting public about who might be best suited to lead the country going forward, MSNBC, CNN. etc. still lead with the damn pig comment.

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Clarity Of Thought, Deed & Purpose: Your Job Until Election Day

Once again Mr. Tom Hall has delivered a wonderful piece of writing and leads the way on clear, concise coverage of an issue. After attending the Democratic National Convention (well, I was in Denver, not in the convention hall, alas) I made myself a promise that I guess I ought to make public, if only so that should I not follow through, there will be ample evidence. That promise was to write, often and passionately, about the upcoming election and why Barack Obama needs to be the next president of the United States. Thanks for kicking me in the ass, Tom!
I believe this is the most important election of the past 28 years and in hindsight, maybe the most important since 1960. Hell, why not since ever? In 1980, many of us were convinced that Reagan would lead us to nuclear war, but the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (a better nickname, MAD, was never invented) and the inevitable destabilization of the Soviet Union prevented that fear from becoming reality. However, the Reagan presidency sharply reversed the social and civil rights gains achieved over the previous 15-20 years and continued the US policy of turning Latin America into our own little death squad playground.
But back to why this particular election is so important. Two words: Supreme Court. If you think that we barely survived the 5-4 decisions of the “Kennedy Court” of the past few years (2008 notwithstanding) wait until Justices Stevens (88 years old), Ginsberg (75, rumored to be ill) and possibly Souter (68 and fed up with the partisan court) and Kennedy (72) retire.

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Herzog As Hitler? Jeff Wells Crosses The Line…Again

You can accuse me of being overly sensitive about this….oh wait, you can’t! One of the things it’s almost impossible to be too sensitive about is fucking HITLER, so when I saw the image on Hollywood Elsewhere yesterday, I just about crapped my Lederhosen. WTF is Jeffrey thinking? Just a guess, but the two groups of people likely to be really offended by being mocked up as der Führer are Jews and Germans.
Even if Werner is somehow not offended by the image, I still call Douchebag on this post and I’ll be offended on his behalf.
UPDATE: I just received an email from Paul Cronin, the editor of Herzog on Herzog that reads, in part:
“Werner once told me that he would never live through another era of Nazism, because he would die fighting it.”
So yeah, I think Werner would be offended by Jeff’s post.