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Reporter Shot While On Air In Georgia, Continues To Do Her Job

Watch this and then tell me you still think women aren’t as tough as men. Go ahead, I dare you. You’d be crying like a baby!
According to CNN, the reporter from Georgia State TV, says the bullet was fired from the Russian-controlled area.

Breaking News: Tim Russert, 58, Dead

NBC News’ Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert died of an apparent heart attack this afternoon after collapsing at work in Washington DC. This is for sure a great loss, as Russert was a straightforward and well-respected journalist and the longest-serving host of NBC’s Meet the Press, itself the longest-running US television program in history, having been on the air since November 6th, 1947.
Russert was a consummate newsman (and attorney) and his voice will be greatly missed during this most critical of election years. NBC anchors Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams are telling some great stories about Russert on MSNBC right now.
One of the great ones came from Williams who mentioned that facade of the Newseum in Washington D.C. is inscribed with the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Whose idea was that? Tim Russert.
In this time of a flaccid White House press corps and dwindling ethics and excellence in news, Tim Russert will be sorely missed.
Links about the story at Mahalo.
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A Sex And The City Criticism Backlash Rebuttal….

In response to my good friend AJ’s reaction to some of the criticism leveled at the Sex and the City movie, I left some of the following as a comment on his blog, but as they do in Congress, I would like to revise and extend my remarks, to wit:
I understood Karina’s tongue-in-cheekness when I read her post and I’d like to point out that in my post I was actually angry about what I perceive as the film’s anti-woman aspects (well, I can’t say the film exactly because I haven’t seen it, but I do know the show). You even quoted my point for me, AJ. I think the franchise is anti-woman and offers if not a completely unrealistic portrayal of “life in the big city,” than an unbelievably shallow one.
I completely disagree with Kim Voynar’s POV (mentioned in AJ’s post) but that’s fine. Plenty of people have strong, differing opinions on issues, films, books, etc but to dismiss the male film critics who are criticizing the film in toto because we wouldn’t understand a movie that’s not about us? Talk about a hypocritical generalization.
When she writes: “SatC has never been about fashion or a credit card lifestyle if you look beneath its surface. It’s about a group of smart, independent women who, successful as they are, still struggle with figuring out love and relationships and how to have and maintain a relationship with a man without losing who you are as an intelligent woman with a career and life of your own.”
Ah, if it were only so.

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