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Day Of The Doctor DVD/BD Streets on December 10th!

Wow. I know that home video windows are shrinking, but I am not sure that I have ever seen a 17-day window, before. I mean, except for day-and-date releases, of course. At any rate, this would make a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite Whovian. I have to say, I loved the special and am sure to watch it over and over again, as I am wont to do with Dr. Who episodes (and The West Wing, Babylon 5, Buffy….but that’s for another post).

The disc has quite a few extras but not, alas, the wonderful and hysterical The Five(ish) Doctors, which you can see here. Either way, this was a fantastic entry to the Doctor Who franchise and a must have for any Whovian on your holiday gift list (including me…hint hint!) Buy it here!


Extras include:

• Doctor Who Explained – The entire 50-year history in one 50-minute special

• Two mini-episodes – “The Night of The Doctor” and “The Last Day”

• Behind-the-scenes featurette – Go behind the scenes at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – on set and on location – featuring interviews with Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, David Tennant, Billie Piper and John Hurt.

• San Diego Comic-Con trailer of Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary tribute teaser trailer

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor
Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt as The Doctor, The Doctor and….The Doctor. Photo Credit: ADRIAN ROGERS, © BBC


Blu-Ray:  Instant Video:

Two Duplasses and a Greer

Writer-directors Jay (L) and Mark (R) Duplass flank actress Judy Greer at the home video release reception for the Duplass’ “Jeff Who Lives at Home.”

The fun and festive reception for the home video release of Jay and Mark Duplass’ Jeff Who Lives at Home was held at Santa Monica’s Basement Tavern, located inside the Victorian (a great space, BTW), and the place was festooned with quotes from Kevin (Evan Ross) and even featured a Dartboard of Destiny:

Jay Duplass retrieves his “bullzeye!”

Attendees ate (some insane mac & cheese and other tasty vittles), drank (the bartenders outdid themselves) and were indeed, quite merry!

Jeff Who Lives at Home has a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the DVD and Blu-ray were released on June 19th.

Love, Reign O’er Me! – Quadrophenia comes to Criterion!!!

Ok, this is the most exciting Blu-ray/DVD release I have seen in a while.

Let me see if I can put into words how much I love this film: This was the first laser disc I bought. When I was a teen, I watched it every time it was on TV (rarely in those early days of cable), my friends and I probably wore out the local video store’s copy and definitely always saw it on the rare occasions it played at Film Forum or the like. I was a Mod in high school and this is one of the filmic holy texts for us.

Not only is the Who’s rock opera of the same title fucking amazing (and my favorite Who album of all time) but Franc Roddam’s film is redolent of films like Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End, coming at the tale end of the 1960’s-1970’s period where teen angst and social unrest were presented in an almost vérité look and films were rife with improvisation.

Yup. Can’t wait for this one!


Home Video Roundup: Some upcoming nuggets of goodness!

In what I plan on making a regular feature, here are a few upcoming video releases that I am looking forward to. They aren’t full reviews, because I don’t have my hands on copies (yet) but I know (or know of) the source material and I am damn excited to see them all! Included are: I, Claudius, Treme, Dark Shadows, A Dangerous Method, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (yay!) and (drum roll, please…) Sherlock!!!!

Today brings The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and how I love it, let me count the ways! One of my top 10 films of 2011, this is going to be a regular view of mine for a long time. Its stunning visual and sound design make it perfect for a transfer to BD and I sincerely hope they don’t fuck it up. It’s loaded with extras as well, with the press release listing almost four hours of goodies, including Commentary by Director David Fincher, character profiles, location features and some very cool sounding post-production stuff, including “Main Titles (Multi-Angle) With Commentary by Tim Miller of BLUR Studio.”

Sherlock, Season 2 (May 22nd)
While this brilliant BBC show starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and nominee for best name ever) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) and created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (Doctor Who) is packaged and marketed as having seasons, it’s really a hybrid, as each season is actually a collection of three 90 minute films with common narrative elements so yes, it’s a series but a slightly different kind. There have been six episodes so far, with a 3rd season having been commissioned by the BBC. No date has been announced for series three, however. Watch season one (4 Emmy nominations, 3 BAFTAs and a Peabody Award, among others) and season two and then wait, breath held, for season 3. Yes, it’s that good. Oh, and two words: Lara Pulver. Also recently out from BBC Home Entertainment is the 10th and oh so very sadly, final season of their superlative espionage series, Spooks (MI5, in the US). Do yourself a favor and watch the first season. If you’re not buying the DVDs or BD after that, I’ll be shocked.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the BBC's "Sherlock."

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