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Lou Taylor Pucci Takes Interesting Pictures

Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsucker, Fast Food Nation) Seems to think I am much more interesting than the other photogs snapping away at the reception for Fast Food Nation at the American Pavilion. And I am!
He then (wisely) decides that co-star Ana Claudia Talancón‘s rear end is nicer to look at than I am. Again, I must agree with Mr. Pucci.

My First Cannes Report On IFC

Well folks, French Internet connectivity “quirks” aside, I have managed to get my first of 6 posts from Cannes done and up on the site and here it is, including a short review of The Da Vinci Code: CANNES DISPATCH: #1 – Arrivals and The Da Vinci Flop

Also, after the jump are a few pics from my journey so far. Enjoy!

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