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AFI Fest 07: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days… & 1 Dinner

Saturday marked the first AFI Fest screening of upcoming IFC First Take release 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days by Romanian director Cristian Mungiu. The 2007 Cannes Palm d’Or winner (and prohibitive favorite for a best foreign language Oscar nod) has been getting rave reviews and since I missed it at the New York Film Festival last month, I decided I had to catch it here (and did so on Monday). I wish I’d seen it before the dinner so I could have told Mungiu what an extraordinary film he’s made, but I suspect I’d not have been the first. More on this moving and delicate film in another post but as for the dinner, despite a few more attendees than planned for (extra tables were the order of the evening) the dinner was a pleasant gathering of friends new and old. The wine flowed and my head hurt the next morning.
Photos top to bottom: SXSW Film Festival producer Matt Dentler; editors in chief of and Screen International (l to R) Eugene Hernandez and Colin Brown…(Colin is not a giant and Eugene is not tiny. It’s just a little forced perspective in action); The poster for the film.

Fox News Shows Michael Moore Some Lovin’….No, Really.

Believe it or not, Roger Friedman writes on that Michael Moore’s lates film, Sicko is “brilliant and uplifting.” The film recently had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and early reviews are positive, but maybe not quite that positive. What are the odds that has the best early reviews of a Michael Moore film? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Time to place bets on Paris Hilton winning the Indy 500…..
This is quite possibly a sign of the apocalypse, but then again, someone once said something about gift horses….

I Cannes’t

Inspired by Tom Hall’s post today about Cannes, I feel compelled to mention that I, too, am not on the Riviera this year. After going in 2003 with the Hamptons International Film Festival and again last year as a journalist, I fully expected to be back this year, but alas, non.
As a member of the international film community, I must confess to feeling a bit of a fraud, not being there and I must also confess to being a little bit bitter about that.
I hope it rains every day. No, I don’t really mean that. Sort of.

Finally! I Am Flickr-Enabled!

flickr_logo_gamma.gif.v1.2.7.gifOk, so I have finally gotten around to switching from Buzznet (they are so ’05) to Flickr and am in the process of posting pix, some with witty bon mots, even! So far, it starts at the indieWIRE anniversary party in late November 2006 up to Berlin, 2007. Keep checking back, as by the end of next week I hope to have a few years worth of pix loaded, most of which have never been in this blog before and many of which include you. Yes, you!
So come on by and check them out and comment, comment, comment!
Even better, join Flickr, put your own pix up and be my friend!