Golden Globes, Hour Three: 7pm – 8pm

Thanks for joining me in my Tweet/blog of the Golden Globes and tune in on Thursday as I start in on the 2012 Sundance Film Festival!

7:58 – Ricky Gervais puts a final touch on an uneven night by a last minute mention of the largesse of the evening and how that doesn’t really jibe with the economy. Basically, “I hope you all enjoyed the champagne and gold on the food. I hope it took your mind off the recession.”

7:56 – The Descendants wins the final award of the night. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this movie? Congrats to Alexander Payne, Fox Searchlight and a fantastic cast and crew.

7:55 – Harrison Ford only has to say 16 words, so if he was drunk, he skated.

7:49 – Clooney wins. Again, my favorite film of the year.

7:48 – Can we PLEASE have an actress who doesn’t look 25 lbs underweight? Sometimes I hate this business.

7:39 – Too bad The Iron Lady is a bad film and Margaret Thatcher was an horrific Prime Minister.

7:37 – Meryl says “shit” and then proceeds to give big props to the amazing year in female performances that 2011 was.  Nice to see David Bowie circa 1983 there (Tilda Swinton).

7:32 – I ADORE Queen Lateefah. All Hail The Queen!

7:24 – Michelle Pfeiffer looks fantastic. War Horse is still fucking boring.

7:20 – Maybe the best acceptance speech, ever. Steve Levitan FTW.

7:19 – Modern Family routinely makes me laugh out loud. Then again, I’m usually 3 or 4 drinks in by the time I watch it.

7:16: What did Ricky just say? UPDATE: I wasn’t watching, but apparently he said: “I couldn’t understand a fucking thing they said.”

7:13 – Angelina looks like a flight attendant on Needs a Sandwich Airways.

7:11 – This show needs an injection of fun.

7:05 – At least I have some time to get some cheese.

6:57 – I’m 11 – 7 in my predicitons. Pretty horrible.

6:56 – I love Sydney but this is where the show grinds to a halt.

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