Golden Globes, Hour Two: 6pm – 7pm

6:50 – Ok, two-thirds of the way in and Ricky better up his game. He’s been shockingly tame. And MIA.

6:48 – Shockingly, I have no opinion on The Help, since I haven’t seen it, yet. If Disney wants to send me a screener, I’ll watch it. (Hint. Hint.)

6:42 – Can we please issue a moratorium on Bridesmaids/poop jokes?

6:38 – Time for another drink.

6:36 – Claire Danes is maybe the most deserving winner of the night. An absolutely fantastic performance in Homeland. If you haven’t seen this show, watch it, now!

6:33 – A Separation is a magnificent film. So very happy for Asgahar Farhadi and Sony Pictures Classics.

6:31 – Madonna’s can’t really ad lib.

6:25 – I love Jessica Lange and think she’s pretty amazing in American Horror Story but Dame Maggie deserved this one.

6:23 – Felicity Huffman & Willian H. Macy just became the cutest couple EVER.

6:22 – The Woodman Doesn’t Cometh, but wins!

6:15 – The Adventures of Tintin was another obvious win. It’s a HUGE series everywhere in the world. On a personal note, another one I got right. I’m 8 for 12, so far.

6:13 – Two actors who will never win a Golden Globe: Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum!

6:11 – I have a story about me and Peter Dinklage, but I am not going to tell you. Congrats!

6:01 – In 2 seconds, Seth Rogan manages to upstage Ricky Gervais! Presenting with Kate Beckinsale: “Hello, I’m Seth Rogan and I am currently trying to conceal a massive erection.” Beckinsale is completely knocked off her game! He also ad-libs, pointing out that My Week With Marilyn is not exactly a comedy.

5:58 – HOORAY! Idris Elba wins for Luther! Why was Luther the only nominee without a production company listed?

5:58 – Here we go! Hour two of the 69th Golden Globe Awards!


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