NBC Jumps The Shark: 5 Nights Of Prime Time Leno

On the heels of a Hollywood Reporter story about NBC cutting back on their prime time hours or possibly even cutting entire days of original programming come an entry for the “are you fucking kidding me?” department, NBC is, according to the New York Times, give Jay Leno the 10pm slot, Monday through Friday for “a show similar to the one he has done on NBC’s “Tonight Show” show since 1993.”
Really? Seriously? Leno for an hour from 10-11pm, then Conan from 11:35pm-12:35am and Jimmy Fallon from 12:35-1:35am? Do the folks at NBC really think the way to adjust to changing viewing habits and the challenge posed by increased offerings on cable TV is to give us more Jay Leno?
Let me give you a little news, Mr. Zucker. He’s. Not. Funny. Never has been. There’s an entire generation of people who don’t like Jay. We don’t think he’s funny. And he’s even less funny when he’s on against Without a Trace, Leverage and the CSI franchise. Or even that dead guy with the afro who paints pictures of trees.
Who knows, maybe this is one big plot byy NBC to make sure folks over 50 go to sleep even earlier. All I’m saying is, your first week of guests better be: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, cute animals, Kevin Spacey, Beyoncé, Kanye, big animals, Will Smith, Brad Pitt again, Matt Damon, more cute animals, the Rolling Stones, a Smith’s reunion, a steel cage match between Valimir Putin and a tiger, more cute animals, giant lizards, Jimmy Hoffa’s killer and maybe a boxing match between Danny Bonaduce and Geraldo Rivera.
Good luck, guys…..

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