Bristol Palin: Right Mom, Wrong Baby

Well, it appears there was something going on, but it’s hardly as juicy as a secret pregnancy….erm, I mean, it is a secret pregnancy, just not the kind that was being bandied about. It turns out Bristol Palin is indeed pregnant NOW, just as reported on CELTIC DIVA’S BLUE OASIS, yesterday. So, it’s not really a scandal, per se. Not in today’s America. Teenage pregnancy was even the subject of a $140+ million grossing comedy!
That said, Mama Sarah is a staunch pro-life, abstinence-until-marriage kinda gal. Works real well, don’t it, Sarah? This stance, and her position against abortion, even in the case of rape or incest, puts her not only outside the mainstream of America, but outside the mainstream of her own party!
Palin says that Bristol is keeping the baby and will marry the father. Sure. Nothing says “long, stable marriage” like getting pregnant at 17 and marrying the father. Teenagers always have good judgment in terms of sexual partners and are definitely ready to marry. So it seems that governor Palin is seeing first hand how “successful” abstinence-only education is.
There’s absolutely no scientific basis to the theory that abstinence-only programs work or that sex education classes lead to increased promiscuity. In fact, educating teens about the dangers of unprotected sex leads to lower rates of HIV transmission, fewer STDs and less teen pregnancy and the fear of disease and pregnancy can even deter kids from experimenting with sex. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, grandma!

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