Palin: (Not) Big, (Not) Fat, (Wasn’t) Preganant Liar? Rumors Spread

UPDATE: Turns out, there was smoke, but the fire, for what it was worth, was elsewhere and none of the rumors below were true. Except Bristol is pregnant. Now. Not before. No babygate here, folks. Move along, not much to see!
The Internet is abuzz with the rumor that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig, her supposed 5th child, but is in fact the boy’s grandmother, leaving oldest daughter Bristol, 17, as the mom.
This Google blog search has a lot of posts about it, many linking to the Daily Kos (link dead) story and this one from Sparticus Lives.
Read through the stories and make up your own minds and have a gander at this picture. Does Sarah look 7+ months pregnant? According to the Kos piece, the Internet is being scrubbed of potentially “incriminating” photos.
UPDATE: The story is now on dlisted.
NEW UPDATE: The mainstream news is now reporting on the rumors. Still no proof, though!
NEW UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan weighs in.
NEW UPDATE (8/31, 9:36pm): Sue D. at weighs in, disputes rumors. The picture she links to is exactly the same as one in the Daily Kos and Sparticus Lives posts, but the text includes a “taken on” date. NOTE: Both versions of the photo are on the Anchorage Daily News website.
NEW UPDATE (8/31/08, 11:18pm): ArcXIX at Daily Kos is at it again with this update.
NEW UPDATE (9/1/08, 1:52am): The Red Pen @ Daily Kos (thanks to a link from Andrew Sullivan) seems to, for now, put this rumor to bed. That said, the same “it’s photoshopped” claim can apply to any photo.

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