Edwards Set To Endorse Obama

In a somewhat surprising move, given his refusal to endorse on Monday, former senator John Edwards is set, momentarily, to endorse Senator Barack Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a major endorsement for Obama and should go some way towards courting the white, working class voters that so far seem to be eluding Senator Obama. CNN will carry the speech live.
It’s not like I really needed a push to support Obama. I think his campaign style has changed and his rhetoric has become more serious and purposeful and substantive. That said, this endorsement makes me even more determined that Barack Obama be the next president of the United States.
More on the speech after its conclusion.
Well, I think that was a fantastic speech, to be honest. I think it could have used a little more overt mentions of race, but my gut tells me Edwards will be speaking more overtly about race in the weeks and months to come. One question I have is, was this an audition for the VP slot? Conventional wisdom and my spies say no, that Edwards has his sights set on Attorney General (and wouldn’t that be amazing?). Not only that, but Edwards isn’t a sitting office holder and doesn’t guarantee any staes (although he’d certainly help in the white, working-class South. However, a democratic ticket with two candidates running to the left of center, neither of which have military experience is a pretty bad idea, IMHO. Jim Webb, anyone?

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