Heath Ledger Found Dead In NYC

According to multiple news reports, the NY police department found Heath Ledger dead in his a New York City apartment at about 3:30pm today and some reports are mentioning that pills were found near the body.
Here’s the New York Times story.
Jesus. What a horrible story. Ok, it’s not a chemical spill in India, but he was a talented young man with a small child and at 28 had the makings of a long and glorious career ahead of him with the potential to move and entertain literally billions of people over his lifetime.
UPDATE: Apparently the apartment was owned by Mary-Kate Olsen.
According to CNN.com, the police have said that the pills appeared to be over the counter sleeping pills but the NY Times reports that both prescription and non-prescription pills were found at the bedside.
UPDATE #2: According to the updated New York Times story, the apartment is NOT owned by Mary-Kate Olsen

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