TIFF-Summercamp! Party

Some pix and movie clips from the party for Sarah Price and Bradley Beesley’s TIFF doc Summercamp!, hosted by SXSW and Orchard Pictures in which the Flaming Lips provided some fantastic entertainment while we the guests made s’mores around an open fire….in a parking lot!
Sarasota Film Festival director of programming Tom Hall doing an insouciant “fuck you” (right) while Summercamp! co-director Sarah Price blows the doors off the sexy meter in her Mae West (left). Producer Diana Williams just looks bemused.

Gen Art‘s Jeffrey Abramson and the Florida Film Festival‘s Matthew Curtis are clearly interested in something to my left.
A couple hours into the party, The Flaming Lips gathered around the campfire and gave us a little show. I have two videos of the show, but unfortunately, one is too big for my video server. If anyone out there can help me cut a 350MB AVI into two smaller chunks, let me know! Until there, “Plastic Jesus,” anyone?

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