It’s Time To Go, Joe: An Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman

In what can only reasonably be described as a completely fucking lunatic, barking mad stretch of imagination, “Democratic” senator Joseph I. Lieberman recently tied his primary defeat to neophyte politician Ned Lamont to the safety of the Western world. According to a story by Patrick Healy and Jennifer Medina in Friday’s New York Times, Lieberman gibbered said: “If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England.” Erm…WHAT!? According to the Old Grey Lady the pseudo Dem continued with: “It will strengthen them, and they will strike again.” Not only that, but according to the Times, Vice President Nosferatu Dick Cheney weighed in with the outside-any-realm-of-reality idea that Lieberman’s loss might encourage “al Qaeda types.” Lieberman’s craziness was apparently spoken at a “campaign” event in Waterbury, Connecticut. There’s no word which secret bunker Cheney’s rank idiocy was uttered from.

Dear Joe:
You lost. I know you’re planning on running as an independent and this is the crux of what I am getting at (yeah, I know I buried the “lead”). Please don’t. You lost, not because of some amorphous, media-created “throw the bums out” anti-incumbent fervor but because you betrayed your constituency by sticking your nose up the backside of the worst president in the history of this country (and that’s saying a LOT, mind you) and it’s time to get over it. You abandoned the principles of the already-weakened Democratic party and got into bed with the enemy. W was, is and always will be WRONG when it comes to Iraq and the way to respond to global terrorism and your refusal to stand with your party is simply craven.
I’m not sure what to address first. Is it your bizarre leap of logic or is it vice president Beelzebub’s fear mongering? Let me see if I can get at what the sore loser in you is saying: If we get out of Iraq ASAP, the terrorists win. Right. So leaving Iraq as soon as it is feasible, allows the terrorists (who weren’t involved in Iraq until we were, BTW) to think they “won” something and that’s worse than staying there, making them increasingly angrier, fanning the flames of Anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world and inspiring them to blow something else up, killing thousands more innocent humans? Right, gotcha.
Personally, I don’t care if “the terrorists” (a spectacularly unspecific label, to be sure) think they’ve won the fucking Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes, the Iditerod or the “pin the tail on the donkey” game at little Mary O’Callahan’s 8th birthday party. If their justification for blowing people up is decreased, that’s fine. Bin Laden can hold as many “we won” tea parties as he wants to. The fact is, if we take away all the obvious reasons for Islamic militants to hate us, then they are left with nothing, you see? They actually LOSE! We’re out of Iraq, there goes one rallying cry. Of course that brings us to Israel and Lebanon, but one impossibly monumental task at a time, please.
You lost the primary. If you are the devoted public servant you present yourself as, you need to drop out of the race. You lost. The electorate, in an unusually high turnout for an August primary, tossed you out. It’s time to stop acting like a spoilt child who’s just been sent to his room without supper and go. Some of the best colleges and universities in the world are within a few hours drive from your home and I bet your senate salary will pale before your endowed chair at Yale, Harvard, Columbia or NYU plus honoraria from speaking engagements. Not to imply money is what you’re after of course. I honestly think you are devoted to your career in the senate and that you truly believe that what you are doing is good for the country. It’s not.
Your stance that Lamont’s victory emboldens the terrorists is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible, immoral and unforgivable.
If Ned Lamont’s legitimate win in the primary on an anti-war platform is dashed to pieces because you refuse to accept the word of the electorate, the terrorists win. If your refusal to take a pretty big hint results in a voice of peace being silenced, the terrorists win. If you and Dick Cheney continue to hoodwink the American public into believing that a continued presence in Iraq by US armed forces is GOOD, the terrorists win. If the politics of slander, libel and spin continue to win the day, the terrorists win. That’s the truth. Not the twisted, misleading, homegrown terror you and your white house cronies continue to spout.
Take a hint, Joe. Your loss in Tuesday’s primary was a watershed moment in American politics. What happens now is still in question and if you really do believe in public service, you can do your country and your legacy a great service by gracefully retiring from public service.
t’s time to go, Joe.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Go, Joe: An Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman”

  1. Why does everyone forget what Abraham Lincoln said?
    “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend”.
    Most people, sadly (and this really goes for the species, not any one country or group) don’t want peace. They want revenge. That’s why we have prisons, not schools. That’s why the UN has no penis. That’s why we’re bombing the shit out of Iraq, not spending the SAME MONEY to make the middle east, Africa, Pakistan, etc etc into paradises, as we did we Japan and Germany.
    Hell, if Lincoln hadn’t been killed, we’d have rebuilt the South, and thus not had the Red/Blue conundrum that we have in this country.

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