My First Cannes Report On IFC

Well folks, French Internet connectivity “quirks” aside, I have managed to get my first of 6 posts from Cannes done and up on the site and here it is, including a short review of The Da Vinci Code: CANNES DISPATCH: #1 – Arrivals and The Da Vinci Flop

Also, after the jump are a few pics from my journey so far. Enjoy!

The beautiful Cannes beachfront on day 1. Notice the relatively small number of yachts. This will change!
Hamptons International Film Festival director of programming Rajendra Roy, Bahamas International Film Festival founder and exec director Leslie Vanderpool and editor/journalist Stephen Garrett, making the scene at the bar of the Grand Hotel, one of the traditional night time hangs at the fest.
The scrum outside Le Petit Majestic at about 4am. The PM is the traditional late night, warm beer watering spot at the festival.

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